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DateTitle Authors
1999 Economies of scale and efficiency in European banking: new evidenceSchure, Paul / Wagenvoort, Rien
1999 The recursive thick frontier approach to estimating efficiencyWagenvoort, Rien / Schure, Paul
2000 Investment issues in South-Eastern EuropeHurst, Christopher / Uppenberg, Kristian
2000 Some empirical findings on the characteristics of cost-efficient credit institutionsO'Brien, Dermot / Wagenvoort, Rien
2001 The euro and capital markets: a new eraPerée, Eric / Steinherr, Alfred
2001 The 'savings gap' of European Corporations: a first look at the available dataGalizia, Federico / Steinberger, Thomas
2001 Do capital expenditures determine debt issues?Galizia, Federico / O'Brien, Dermot
2002 Hedge accounting within IAS39Rossi, Alessandro / Bichisao, Guido / Campolongo, Francesca
2002 Catching the Celtic Tiger by its tailFerreira, Luisa / Vanhoudt, Patrick
2003 Measuring the 'financing gap' of European corporations. An updateGalizia, Federico
2003 Bank survey evidence on 'bank lending to SMEs in the European Union'Wagenvoort, Rien
2004 Systemic credit risk in the presence of concentrationGalizia, Federico
2004 The Turkish banking sector challenges and outlook in transition to EU membershipSteinherr, Alfred / Tukel, Ali / Ucer, Murat
2005 Fiscal rules and public investmentPerée, Eric / Välilä, Timo
2005 Evolution and determinants of public investment in EuropeVälilä, Timo / Mehrotra, Aaron
2005 Transaction costs in public-private partnerships: a first look at the evidenceDudkin, Gerti / Välilä, Timo
2006 Does the hedge fund industry deliver alpha?Wagenvoort, Rien
2006 Comparing distributions: the harmonic mass index: extension to m samplesWagenvoort, Rien
2006 Ex ante construction costs in the European road sector: a comparison of public-private partnerships and traditional public procurementBlanc-Brude, Frédéric / Goldsmith, Hugh / Välilä, Timo
2007 A primer on public investment in Europe, old and newPerée, Eric / Välilä, Timo
2007 Composition of public investment and fiscal federalism: panel data evidence from EuropeKappeler, Andreas / Välilä, Timo
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