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DateTitle Authors
2009 Entrepreneurship and reforms in developing countriesBaliamoune-Lutz, Mina
2009 The disinterested government: An interpretation of China's economic success in the reform eraYao, Yang
2009 Out with the sleaze, in with the ease: Insufficient for entrepreneurial development?Naudé, Wim
2009 Source of finance, growth and firm size: Evidence from ChinaDu, Jun / Girma, Sourafel
2009 India's development strategy accidents, design and replicabilitySingh, Nirvikar
2009 The Danish model and the globalizing learning economy: Lessons for developing countriesLundvall, Bengt-Åke
2009 Lessons from the transition economies: Putting the success stories of the postcommunist world into a broader perspectivePopov, Vladimir
2009 Globalization and the role of public transfers in redistributing income in Latin America and the CaribbeanSkoufias, Emmanuel / Lindert, Kathy / Shapiro, Joseph
2009 Japan's model of economic development: Relevant and nonrelevant elements for developing economiesKimura, Fukunari
2009 Linkages between pro-poor growth, social programmes and labour market: The recent Brazilian experienceKakwani, Nanak / Neri, Marcelo / Son, Hyun H.
2009 Post-apartheid South Africa: An economic success story?Lundahl, Mats / Petersson, Lennart
2009 Linkages, access to finance and the performance of small-scale enterprises in KenyaAtieno, Rosemary
2009 When to start a new firm? Modelling the timing of novice and serial entrepreneursGries, Thomas / Naudé, Wim
2009 The interplay of human and social capital in entrepreneurship in developing countries: The case of UgandaRooks, Gerrit / Szirmai, Adam / Sserwanga, Arthur
2009 Vietnam as a role model for developmentThoburn, John
2009 Designing composite entrepreneurship indicators: An application using consensus PCAAvanzini, Diego B.
2009 Entrepreneurship is not a binding constraint on growth and development in the poorest countriesNaudé, Wim
2009 The case for an intermediate exchange rate regime with endogenizing market structures and capital mobility: The empirical study of BrazilKaltenbrunner, Annina / Nissanke, Machiko
2009 The Finnish developmental state and its growth regimeJäntti, Markus / Vartiainen, Juhana
2009 Entrepreneurship, development, and the spatial context: Retrospect and prospectNijkamp, Peter
2009 Entrepreneurship and quality of institutions: A developing-country approachAmorós, José Ernesto
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