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DateTitle Authors
2004 Globalization, development, and mobility of technical talent: India and Japan in comparative perspectivesD'Costa, Anthony P.
2004 Economic well-being and non-economic well-being: A poverty of the meaning and measurement of povertySumner, Andrew
2004 Sustainability and well-being indicatorsNeumayer, Eric
2004 China's business cycles: Perspectives from an AD-AS modelZhang, Yin / Wan, Guanghua
2004 Trade liberalization and spatial inequality: A methodological innovation in Vietnamese perspectiveTarp Jensen, Henning / Tarp, Finn
2004 Composite indices of human well-being: Past, present, and futureMcGillivray, Mark / Noorbakhsh, Farhad
2004 Changes in spatial income inequality in the Philippines: An exploratory analysisBalisacan, Arsenio M. / Fuwa, Nobuhiko
2004 Fifty years of regional inequality in China: A journey through central planning, reform, and opennessKanbur, Ravi / Zhang, Xiaobo
2004 Industrial location and spatial inequality: Theory and evidence from IndiaLall, Somik V. / Chakravorty, Sanjoy
2004 Decomposing spatial differences in poverty in IndiaDhongde, Shatakshee
2004 Multiactor global funds: New tools to address urgent global problemsHeimans, Jeremy
2004 Indicators of inequality and povertySubramanian, S.
2004 Group-oriented values, rules and cooperationChu, Ke-young
2004 Prospects for pro-poor growth in AfricaBigsten, Arne / Shimeles, Abebe
2004 What accounts for China's trade balance dynamics?Zhang, Yin / Wan, Guanghua
2004 A model of a rule of law and a rule of man: Implications for the design of institutionsChu, Ke-young
2004 Divergent means and convergent inequality of incomes among the provinces and cities of urban ChinaKnight, John / Shi, Li / Renwei, Zhao
2004 Exchange rates and competition for FDIXing, Yuqing / Wan, Guanghua
2004 On the arbitrariness and robustness of multi-dimensional poverty rankingsQizilbash, Mozaffar
2004 Income inequality in rural China: Regression-based decomposition using household dataWan, Guanghua / Zhou, Zhangyue
2004 Spatial horizontal inequality and the Maoist insurgency in NepalMurshed, S. Mansoob / Gates, Scott
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