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DateTitle Authors
2009 Botswana as a role model for country successRobinson, James A.
2009 Trading inequality? Insights from the two globalizations in Latin AmericaArroyo Abad, A. Leticia / Santos-Paulino, Amelia U.
2009 Developing Ireland: Committing to economic openness and building domestic institutional capabilitiesTeague, Paul
2009 Technological innovation, entrepreneurship and developmentAudretsch, David B. / Sanders, Mark
2009 Incubators as tools for entrepreneurship promotion in developing countriesAkçomak, İ. Semih
2009 Can Norway be a role model for natural resource abundant countries?Cappelen, Ådne / Mjøset, Lars
2009 Tunisia's development experience: A success story?Baliamoune-Lutz, Mina
2009 Early international entrepreneurship in China: Extent and determinantsNaudé, Wim / Rossouw, Stephanié
2009 International migration, remittances and labour supply: The case of the Republic of HaitiJadotte, Evans
2009 High-growth entrepreneurial firms in Africa: A quantile regression approachGoedhuys, Micheline / Sleuwaegen, Leo
2009 Country role models for development success: The case of Costa RicaTrejos, Alberto
2009 Entrepreneurship, economic growth and policy in emerging economiesThurik, A. Roy
2009 Innovation policy, entrepreneurship, and development: A Finnish viewToivanen, Otto
2009 Country role models for development success: The Ghana caseFosu, Augustin Kwasi
2009 The Omani and Bahraini paths to development: Rare and contrasting oil-based economic success storiesLooney, Robert
2009 Types of entrepreneurship and economic growthStam, Erik / van Stel, André J.
2009 The Czech transition: The importance of microeconomic fundamentalsSvejnar, Jan / Uvalic, Milica
2009 The Mauritian success story and its lessonsSubramanian, Arvind
2009 Entrepreneurship and income inequality in Southern EthiopiaKimhi, Ayal
2009 Firm ownership, FOEs, and POEsAmsden, Alice H.
2009 Entrepreneurship and reforms in developing countriesBaliamoune-Lutz, Mina
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