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DateTitle Authors
2010 The effects of unemployment insurance on labor supply and search outcomes: Regression discontinuity estimates from GermanySchmieder, Johannes F. / von Wachter, Till / Bender, Stefan
2010 Agglomeration and regional employment growthDauth, Wolfgang
2010 Multiple imputation of missing values in the wave 2007 of the IAB Establishment PanelDrechsler, Jörg
2010 Determinants of lifetime unemployment: A micro data analysis with censored quantile regressionsSchmillen, Achim / Möller, Joachim
2010 The long-term impact of job displacement in Germany during the 1982 recession on earnings, income, and employmentSchmieder, Johannes F. / von Wachter, Till / Bender, Stefan
2010 The use of social networks in recruiting processes from a firms perspectiveRebien, Martina
2009 Short-term training variety for welfare recipients: The effects of different training typesKopf, Eva
2009 Improving retrospective life course data by combining modularized self-reports and event history calendars: Experiences from a large scale surveyDrasch, Katrin / Matthes, Britta
2009 They are even larger!: More (on) puzzling labor market volatilitiesGartner, Hermann / Merkl, Christian / Rothe, Thomas
2009 What makes a 'jack-of-all-trades'?Oberschachtsiek, Dirk
2009 Evaluating the labour-market effects of compulsory military serviceBauer, Thomas K. / Bender, Stefan / Paloyo, Alfredo R. / Schmidt, Christoph M.
2009 Disparities, persistence and dynamics of regional unemployment rates in GermanyKunz, Marcus
2009 Trade unions go global!Donado, Alejandro / Wälde, Klaus
2009 Sources for regional unemployment disparities in Germany: Lagged adjustment processes, exogenous shocks or both?Kunz, Marcus
2009 Does labour mobility reduce disparities between regional labour markets in Germany?Niebuhr, Annekatrin / Granato, Nadia / Haas, Anette / Hamann, Silke
2009 Arbeitsgelegenheiten mit MehraufwandsentschädigungHohendanner, Christian
2009 Industrial clusters and economic integration: Theoretic concepts and an application to the European Metropolitan Region NurembergLitzel, Nicole / Möller, Joachim
2009 Job entry and the ways out of benefit receipt of young adults in GermanySchels, Brigitte
2009 Effectiveness of One-Euro-Jobs: Do programme characteristics matter?Hohmeyer, Katrin
2009 The determinants of local employment dynamics in Western GermanyFuchs, Michaela
2009 Employer wage subsidies and wages in Germany: Some evidence from individual dataStephan, Gesine
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