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DateTitle Authors
2009 Employer wage subsidies and wages in Germany: Some evidence from individual dataStephan, Gesine
2009 The impact of federal social policies on spatial income inequalities in Germany: Empirical evidence from social security dataBruckmeier, Kerstin / Schwengler, Barbara
2009 Eingliederungszuschüsse und Betriebszugehörigkeitsdauer in WestdeutschlandRuppe, Kathi
2009 What makes start-ups out of unemployment different?Schanne, Norbert / Weyh, Antje
2009 Unemployment dynamics in West Germany: Do districts adjust differently than larger regional units?Kunz, Marcus
2009 Do more placement officers lead to lower unemployment? Evidence from GermanyHainmueller, Jens / Hofmann, Barbara / Krug, Gerhard / Wolf, Katja
2009 Fixing the leak: Unemployment incidence before and after the 2006 reform of unemployment benefits in GermanyDlugosz, Stephan / Stephan, Gesine / Wilke, Ralf A.
2009 Fehlende Daten beim Record Linkage von Prozess- und Befragungsdaten: Ein empirischer Vergleich ausgewählter Missing Data TechnikenKrug, Gerhard
2009 Information asymmetry, education signals and the case of ethnic and native GermansHornig, Stephan O. / Rottmann, Horst / Wapler, Rüdiger
2009 Design and stratification of PASS: A new panel study for research on long term unemploymentTrappmann, Mark / Christoph, Bernhard / Achatz, Juliane / Wenzig, Claudia / Müller, Gerrit / Gebhardt, Daniel
2009 Occupational upgrading and the business cycle in West GermanyBüttner, Thomas / Jacobebbinghaus, Peter / Ludsteck, Johannes
2008 Heterogeneous labour markets in a microsimulation-AGE model: Application to welfare reform in GermanyBoeters, Stefan / Feil, Michael
2008 Welche Betriebe werden verlagert? Beweggründe und Bedeutung von Betriebsverlagerungen in DeutschlandBrixy, Udo
2008 Labor market pooling and human capital investment decisionsAmend, Elke / Herbst, Patrick
2008 Geringverdiener: Wem und wie gelingt der Aufstieg?Schank, Thorsten / Schnabel, Claus / Stephani, Jens
2008 The impact of innovation activities on employment in the environmental sector: Empirical results for Germany at the firm levelHorbach, Jens
2008 The effect of unemployment benefit II sanctions on reservation wagesSchneider, Julia
2008 Founders' experience and self-employment duration: The importance of being a 'Jack-of-all-trades'; an analysis based on competing risksOberschachtsiek, Dirk
2008 Changes in the governance of employment services in Germany since 2003Konle-Seidl, Regina
2008 A pairwise comparison of the effectiveness of selected active labour market programmes in GermanyStephan, Gesine / Pahnke, André
2008 From potential to real entrepreneurshipBrixy, Udo / Sternberg, Rolf / Stüber, Heiko
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