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DateTitle Authors
2009 Employer wage subsidies and wages in Germany: Some evidence from individual dataStephan, Gesine
2009 The determinants of local employment dynamics in Western GermanyFuchs, Michaela
2009 Effectiveness of One-Euro-Jobs: Do programme characteristics matter?Hohmeyer, Katrin
2009 Job entry and the ways out of benefit receipt of young adults in GermanySchels, Brigitte
2009 Industrial clusters and economic integration: Theoretic concepts and an application to the European Metropolitan Region NurembergLitzel, Nicole / Möller, Joachim
2009 Arbeitsgelegenheiten mit MehraufwandsentschädigungHohendanner, Christian
2009 Does labour mobility reduce disparities between regional labour markets in Germany?Niebuhr, Annekatrin / Granato, Nadia / Haas, Anette / Hamann, Silke
2009 Sources for regional unemployment disparities in Germany: Lagged adjustment processes, exogenous shocks or both?Kunz, Marcus
2009 Trade unions go global!Donado, Alejandro / Wälde, Klaus
2009 Disparities, persistence and dynamics of regional unemployment rates in GermanyKunz, Marcus
2009 Evaluating the labour-market effects of compulsory military serviceBauer, Thomas K. / Bender, Stefan / Paloyo, Alfredo R. / Schmidt, Christoph M.
2009 What makes a 'jack-of-all-trades'?Oberschachtsiek, Dirk
2009 They are even larger!: More (on) puzzling labor market volatilitiesGartner, Hermann / Merkl, Christian / Rothe, Thomas
2009 Improving retrospective life course data by combining modularized self-reports and event history calendars: Experiences from a large scale surveyDrasch, Katrin / Matthes, Britta
2009 Short-term training variety for welfare recipients: The effects of different training typesKopf, Eva
2010 The use of social networks in recruiting processes from a firms perspectiveRebien, Martina
2010 The long-term impact of job displacement in Germany during the 1982 recession on earnings, income, and employmentSchmieder, Johannes F. / von Wachter, Till / Bender, Stefan
2010 Determinants of lifetime unemployment: A micro data analysis with censored quantile regressionsSchmillen, Achim / Möller, Joachim
2010 Multiple imputation of missing values in the wave 2007 of the IAB Establishment PanelDrechsler, Jörg
2010 Agglomeration and regional employment growthDauth, Wolfgang
2010 The effects of unemployment insurance on labor supply and search outcomes: Regression discontinuity estimates from GermanySchmieder, Johannes F. / von Wachter, Till / Bender, Stefan
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