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DateTitle Authors
2011 Empirische Studien zum Capability Ansatz auf der Grundlage von Befragungen: Ein ÜberblickLeßmann, Ortrud
2011 Why should support schemes for renewable electricity complement the EU emissions trading scheme?Lehmann, Paul / Gawel, Erik
2011 Recht auf Wasser - eine ökonomische PerspektiveGawel, Erik / Bretschneider, Wolfgang
2011 How sustainable are processes of social and spatial differentiation in Santiago de Chile? Current situation and future scenarios for social inclusionHölzl, Corinna / Krellenberg, Kerstin / Heinrichs, Dirk / Welz, Juliane / Kabisch, Sigrun
2011 What is wrong with virtual water trading?Gawel, Erik / Bernsen, Kristina
2010 Legitimacy analysis of multi-level governance of biodiversity: Evidence from 12 case studies across the EUSuéskeviécs, Monika
2010 WP2: Assessing multi-level activities in water and biodiversity governance. ReportAntunes, Paula / Quillacq, Patricia / Rauschmayer, Felix / Santos, Rui / Videira, Nuno / Egerton, Catrin
2010 Institutionalizing IWRM in developing and transition countries: The case of MongoliaHorlemann, Lena / Dombrowsky, Ines
2010 Combining emissions trading and emissions taxes in a multi-objective worldLehmann, Paul
2010 Governance in Santiago de Chile - stakeholder prospects for the futureHölzl, Cornelia / Nuissl, Henning
2010 Fiscal transfers for biodiversity conservation: The Portuguese Local Finances LawSantos, Rui / Ring, Irene / Antunes, Paula / Clemente, Pedro
2010 Agrarökonomische Kostenberechnungen für BiodiversitätsschutzmaßnahmenMewes, Melanie
2010 WP4: Novel processes and tools in multi-level governance in EuropeKluvánková-Oravská, Tatiana / Banaszak, Ilona / Chobotová, Veronika
2010 Decision support for the selection of measures according to the requirements of the EU Water Framework DirectiveKlauer, Bernd / Rode, Michael / Franko, Uwe / Mewes, Melanie / Schiller, Johannes
2010 WP3: participation in the multi-level governance of European water and biodiversity - a review of case studiesRenn, Ortwin / Berghöfer, Augustin / Wittmer, Heidi / Rauschmayer, Felix
2010 Legal framework for public participation in flood risk mapping: A comparative study of the responses of different European Member States to some requirements of the Floods DirectiveUnnerstall, Herwig
2010 A modelling approach for allocating land-use in space to maximise social welfare - exemplified on the problem of wind power generationDrechsler, Martin / Ohl, Cornelia / Meyerhoff, Jürgen / Eichhorn, Marcus / Monsees, Jan
2010 Bringing about institutional change in public brownfield management: The case of Saxony-Anhalt (Germany)Lee-Peuker, Mi-Yong / Klauer, Bernd
2009 Beispielhafte Anwendung des Verfahrens BASINFORM am Wasserkörper Emsbach (Hessen) zur Aufstellung von Maßnahmenprogrammen nach WasserrahmenrichtlinieRichter, Sandra / Funke, Markus / Borchardt, Dietrich / Mewes, Melanie / Klauer, Bernd
2009 DAPSET - Concept for characterising socio-economic drivers of and pressures on biodiversityOhl, Cornelia / Bezák, Peter / Palarie, Teodora Alexandra / Gelan, Ayele / Krauze, Kinga
2009 Positive evaluations may be shortlived: On outcomes and processes of a World Bank biodiversity project in a post-communist countryFalaleeva, Maria / Rauschmayer, Felix
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