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DateTitle Authors
1999 Solving the unemployment puzzle in EuropeAndersen, Jens Verner / Rasmussen, Jørn Henrik
1999 Supervision of banks after EMUWihlborg, Clas
1999 Are European regional policies delivering?Martin, Philippe J.
1999 How well do European loan markets work? Some insights from the financial structure of SMEs in three countriesWagenvoort, Rien / Hurst, Christopher
1999 The impact of EMU on portfolio managementBrookes, Martin
1999 Comments on the future of EU capital marketsSpaventa, Luigi
1999 The structure of financial systems and macroeconomic instabilityGros, Daniel / Lannoo, Karel
1999 Who are Europe's efficient bankers?Wagenvoort, Rien / Schure, Paul
1999 Hard currency and sound credit: A financial agenda for Central EuropeDornbusch, Rudi / Giavazzi, Francesco
1999 New capital market opportunities in EurolandBishop, Graham
1999 On the road to wonderful? Bank restructuring after EMUHurst, Christopher / Perée, Eric / Fischbach, Mireille
1999 European banking after EMU: Editors' introductionHurst, Christopher / Wagenvoort, Rien
1999 The case for a European-wide strategyDermine, Jean
2000 What diagnosis for Europe's ailing regions?Hurst, Christopher / Thisse, Jacques-François / Vanhoudt, Patrick
2000 Agglomeration and regional imbalance: Why? And is it bad?Thisse, Jacques-François
2000 Economic convergence and regional development strategies in Spain: The case of Galicia and NavarreRodríguez-Pose, Andrés
2000 Ten years after: Eastern Germany's convergence at a halt?Quehenberger, Margarethe
2000 Convergence across countries and regions: Theory and empiricsde la Fuente, Angel
2000 Contributing to regional development through project selectionRossert, Bertrand
2000 Regional disparities in Greece: The performance of Crete, Peloponnese and ThessalyIoannides, Yannis M. / Petrakos, George
2000 The role of public policy in the process of regional convergenceMartin, Philippe J.
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