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DateTitle Authors
1998 The evolving role of multilateral development banks: History and prospectsLindbaek, Jannik / Pfeffermann, Guy / Gregory, Neil
1998 One hundred years after Bretton Woods: A future history of the World Bank GroupKlein, Michael
1998 The employment effects of investment projectsRummel, Ole J. / Schröder, Thomas
1998 Making the most of markets: The role of IFIsStern, Nicholas H. / Lankes, Hans Peter
1998 The purpose, management and governance of IFIs: A case study of ambiguityScandizzo, Pasquale Lucio
1998 International financial institutions and the provision of international goodsStiglitz, Joseph E.
1998 Financing young and innovative enterprises in Europe: Supporting the venture capital industryViala, Pascale
1998 Multilateral development banks and global public policy networks: Speculations for the next centuryRischard, Jean-François
1998 Only a mid-life crisis? The future for IFIs in an integrated worldHurst, Christopher / Perée, Eric
1998 A discussion between Alfred Steinherr and Jacques AttaliSteinherr, Alfred / Attali, Jacques
1998 The unemployment problem in Europe: Lessons from implementing the OECD jobs strategyElmeskov, Jørgen
1998 Does technical progress create unemployment?Saint-Paul, Gilles
1998 The impact of EMU on European unemploymentViñals Iñiguez, José M. / Jimeno Serrano, Juan Francisco
1998 Employment in Europe: A discussion of the papers and an overview of the role of investmentHurst, Christopher
1998 The consequences of EU enlargement for Central and Eastern labour marketsBurda, Michael Christopher
1998 Investment stimulation, with the example of housingDrèze, Jacques H. / Durré, Alain / Sneessens, Henri R.
1999 European capital markets: Competition between systemsMayer, Colin
1999 Increasing concentration and competition in European banking: The end of anti-trust?Malyneux, Philip
1999 Financial services strategies in the euro-zoneWalter, Ingo
1999 Deregulation, integration and market structure in European bankingGual, Jordi
1999 Solving the unemployment puzzle in EuropeAndersen, Jens Verner / Rasmussen, Jørn Henrik
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