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DateTitle Authors
2007 Energy: Revival of a burning matterKolev, Atanas / Riess, Armin
2007 Efficient electricity generating portfolios for Europe: Maximising energy security and climate change mitigationAwerbuch, Shimon / Yang, Spencer
2008 Composition of government investment in Europe: Some forensic evidenceAlegre, Juan Gonzalez / Kappeler, Andreas / Kolev, Atanas / Välilä, Timo
2008 The politico-economic determinants and productivity effects of regional transport investment in EuropeKemmerling, Achim / Stephan, Andreas
2008 Infrastructure and economic geography: An overview of theory and evidenceOttaviano, Gianmarco I. P.
2008 The economic cost of public funds in infrastructure investmentRiess, Armin
2008 Infrastructure endowment and investment as determinants of regional growth in the European UnionCrescenzi, Riccardo / Rodríguez-Pose, Andrés
2008 Time-varying impact of public capital on output: New evidence based on VARs for OECD countriesJong-A-Pin, Richard / de Haan, Jakob
2008 Death of distance? Economic implications of infrastructure improvement in RussiaBrown, David / Fay, Marianne / Lall, Somik V. / Wang, Hyoung Gun / Felkner, John
2008 Agglomeration and cross-border infrastructurePuga, Diego
2008 Macro-fiscal policy challenges and public investment in new EU member statesSchwartz, Gerd / Corbacho, Ana / Cui, Qiang / Ganelli, Giovanni / Manasse, Paolo
2008 Editor's introductionStrauss, Hubert
2009 The role of venture capital in alleviating financial constraints of innovative firmsBottazzi, Laura
2009 The R&D-patent relationship: An industry perspectiveDanguy, Jérôme / de Rassenfosse, Gaétan / van Pottelsberghe de la Potterie, Bruno
2009 Innovation and economic growthUppenberg, Kristian
2009 The financing of innovative firmsHall, Bronwyn H.
2009 Financing technology transferDarcy, Jacques / Krämer-Eis, Helmut / Guellec, Dominique / Debande, Olivier
2009 Business R&D expenditure and capital in EuropeHelmers, Christian / Schulte, Christian / Strauss, Hubert
2009 Measuring intangible capital and its contribution to economic growth in Europevan Ark, Bart / Hao, Janet X. / Corrado, Carol / Hulten, Charles
2009 A policy to boost R&D: Does the R&D tax credit work?Ientile, Damien / Mairesse, Jacques
2009 The virtue of industry-science collaborationsCzarnitzki, Dirk
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