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DateTitle Authors
2008 Localizing private social standards: Standard initiatives in Kenyan cut flowersRiisgaard, Lone
2008 Between bureaucracy and the people: A political history of informalityHart, Keith
2008 International trade in health services - assessing the trade and the trade-offsMortensen, Jon
2008 "Bringing in the Americans?" Assessing EU and U.S. post-Kyoto policies & options towards a Copenhagen Protocol in 2009Hald-Mortensen, Christian
2008 (How) does aid work? A literature review of aid effectiveness & welfare studiesJensen Newby, Tina Maria
2008 Crisis? What crisis? Anatomy of the regulatory failure in financeVestergaard, Jakob
2008 Studying violent radicalization in Europe II: The potential contribution of socio-psychological and psycholigical approachesDalgaard-Nielsen, Anja
2008 These young men show no respect for local customs': Globalization, youth and islamic revival in ZanzibarTurner, Simon
2008 Sustainability standards and coffee exports from TanzaniaLazaro, Evelyne A. / Makindara, Jeremiah / Kilima, Fredy T.
2008 Studying violent radicalization in Europe I: The potential contribution of social movement theoryDalgaard-Nielsen, Anja
2009 A linguistic turn of terrorism studiesStaun, Jørgen
2009 The central margins: Congo's transborder economy and state-making in the borderlandsRaeymaekers, Timothy
2009 European food safety regulation and the developing countries: Regulatory problems and possibilitiesBroberg, Morten
2009 From network to class? Towards a more complex conception of connection and sociabilityBourgouin, France
2009 Culture, agency and power: Theoretical reflections on informal economic networks and political processMeagher, Kate
2009 State elites and the new poverty agenda in BangladeshWebster, Neil / Khan, Zarina Rahman / Ahsan, Abu Hossain Muhammad / Hussain, Akhter / Rahman, Mahbubur
2009 Strategies for growth and poverty reduction: Has Tanzania's second PRSP influenced implementation?Rweyemamu, Dennis
2009 Økonomiske konsekvenser af ØMU'enVastrup, Claus
2009 The Mozambican PRSP initiative: Moorings, usage and futureBuur, Lars
2009 Skilled migration: boon or bane? The role of policy interventionSkeldon, Ronald
2009 Liberalism as a 'project to be realized'Williams, David
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