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DateTitle Authors
2008 Privatization of land and indigenous communities in Latin America: Tenure security or social security?Hvalkof, Søren
2008 Shifting financial flows to low-income countries: From official aid to private financeThomsen, Lotte
2008 Análisis de perfiles de pobreza en la Cordillera del Tunari: Y opciones pro-pobres para la implementación de esquemas de pago por servicios hidrológicosWestermann, Olaf / de la Zerda, Patricia Arévalo
2008 An accounting method-based cost-benefit analysis of conformity to certified organic standards for specis in TanzaniaAkyoo, Adam / Lazaro, Evelyne
2008 Cast the net wider: How a vision of global halal markets is overcoming network envyFischer, Johan
2008 Emerging multinationalists: The South African hospital industry overseasMortensen, Jon
2008 The Europeanization of Europe: The transfer of norms to Europe, in Europe and from EuropeFlockhart, Trine
2008 Bono's Product (RED) initiative: wedding hard commerce and corporate social responsibilityPonte, Stefano / Richey, Lisa Ann / Baab, Mike
2008 The refugee, the sovereign and the sea: EU interdiction policies in the MediterraneanGammeltoft-Hansen, Thomas
2008 Rules of origin and the European Union's preferential trade agreements, with special reference to the EU-ACP Economic Partnership AgreementsGibbon, Peter
2008 Hidden leverage and a false sense of securityDavies, Paul
2008 The end of a great illusion: Credit crunch and liquidity meltdownNesvetailova, Anastasia
2008 Institutional capacity for standards conformity assessment: A case study on spices in TanzaniaAkyoo, Adam / Lazaro, Evelyne
2008 Integrating poverty, gender and environmental concerns into value chain analysis: A conceptual framework and lessons for action researchBolwig, Simon / Ponte, Stefano / du Toit, Andries / Riisgaard, Lone / Halberg, Niels
2008 Organised labour and the social regulation of global value chainsRiisgaard, Lone / Hammer, Nikolaus
2008 South Africa's medical brain drain: Myths, facts and what (not) to doMortensen, Jon
2008 A strategic framework and toolbox for action research with small producers in value chainsRiisgaard, Lone / Bolwig, Simon / Matose, Frank / Ponte, Stefano / du Toit, Andries / Halberg, Niels
2008 Sub-Saharan Africa and the resource curse: Limitations of the conventional wisdomJones, Sam
2008 Perspectives on access to and management of natural resourcesKoch, Julie
2008 Kvinder i militante radikale islamistiske grupper i Europe: Et forskningsmæssig perspektivSchrøder, Sofie
2008 Localizing private social standards: Standard initiatives in Kenyan cut flowersRiisgaard, Lone
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