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DateTitle Authors
2003 Between grassroots and governments: Civil society experiences with the PRSPs. A study of local civil society response to the PRSPsPossing, Susanne
2003 Self-fulfilling geopolitics? Or: the social production of foreign policy expertise in EuropeGuzzini, Stefano
2003 Nye udfordringer for ASEAN-landene: Integration, terror og magtbalancerVestergaard Knudsen, Ulrik
2003 Entre las organizaciones de base y los gobiernos: Las experiencias de la sociedad civil con los PRSP. Un estudio de la respuesta de la sociedad civil local a los PRSPPossing, Susanne
2004 Taxpayers' rights and obligations: Analysis of implementation and enforcement mechanisms in UgandaKasimbazi, Emmanuel
2004 Gendered district poverty profiles and poverty monitoring Kabarole, Masaka, Pallisa, Rakai and Tororo districts, UgandaMunk Ravnborg, Helle / Boesen, Jannik / Sørensen, Anne / Akello, Zarupa / Bashaasha, Bernard / Kasozi, Sarah / Kidoido, Michael / Wabukawo, Veronica
2004 Dynamics of return and sustainable reintegration in a 'mobile livelihoods'-perspectiveSteputat, Finn
2004 The development dimension of migrants transfersNyberg Sørensen, Peter
2004 From waterwars to waterriots? Lessons from transboundary water management. Proceedings of the international conference, December 2003, DIIS, Copenhagen
2004 Missile defense in the United StatesHeurlin, Bertil
2004 The Russian Northwestern Federal District and the EU's Northern dimension: The emergence of a new political subject and its implications for EU-Russian regional cooperationProzorov, Sergei
2004 Access to ARV treatment: Aid, trade and governance in UgandaRichey, Lisa Ann / Jessen Haakonsson, Stine
2004 Vernacular security: Governmentality, traditionality and ontological (in)security in IndonesiaBubandt, Nils Ole
2004 The logic of piloting and trans-border regionalism: The project-oriented approach in EU-Russian cooperationMakarychev, Andrey / Prozorov, Sergei
2004 What happened to the Iraqi Marsh Arabs and their land? The myth about Garden of Eden and the noble savageAdriansen, Hanne Kristine
2004 Greenland, Denmark and the debate on missile defense: A window of opportunity for increased autonomySøby Kristensen, Kristian
2004 Afghanistan lessons learned from a post-war situationTang Friborg, Anders
2004 Migrant transfers as a development tool: The case of MoroccoNyberg Sørensen, Peter
2004 The EU's security policy towards the Mediterranean: An (im)possible combination of export of European political values and anti-terrors measures?Holm, Ulla
2004 Indre mod Ydre Europa: Irak-konflikten 2003 og Europas geopolitiske puslespilMouritzen, Hans / Riis Hedegaard, Anna
2004 Opportunities and pitfalls in the migration-development nexus: Somaliland and beyondNyberg Sørensen, Ninna
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