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DateTitle Authors
2015 From deregulation to re-regulation: Trend reversal in German labour market institutions and its possible implicationsWalwei, Ulrich
2015 The effect of hiring subsidies on regular wagesMoczall, Andreas
2015 Offshoring of medium-skill jobs, polarization, and productivity effect: Implications for wages and low-skill unemploymentVallizadeh, Ehsan / Muysken, Joan / Ziesemer, Thomas
2015 Revisiting German labour market reform effects: A panel data analysis for occupational labour marketsStops, Michael
2015 Do changes in regulation affect temporary agency workers' job satisfaction?Busk, Henna / Jahn, Elke J. / Singer, Christine
2015 Higher wages or lower expectations? Adjustments of German firms in the hiring processBrenzel, Hanna / Müller, Anne
2015 Multinational resilience or dispensable jobs? German FDI and employment in the Czech Republic around the Great RecessionEisermann, Merlind / Moritz, Michael / Stockinger, Bastian
2015 The productivity effect of migrants: Wage cost advantages and heterogeneous firmsLucht, Michael / Haas, Anette
2015 Exports, agglomeration and workforce diversity: An empirical assessment for German establishmentsBrunow, Stephan / Grünwald, Luise
2015 What could all the money do? Ergebnisse eines faktoriellen Surveys zur Bedeutung von Opportunitätskosten bei WeiterbildungsentscheidungenOsiander, Christopher / Dietz, Martin
2014 Akzeptanz von Vergeltungsmaßnahmen am Arbeitsplatz: Befunde aus einer quasi-experimentellen UntersuchungStephan, Gesine / Uthmann, Sven
2014 Active labour-market policies in Germany: Do regional labour markets benefit?Wapler, Rüdiger / Werner, Daniel / Wolf, Katja
2014 The impact of education on personality: Evidence from a German high school reformDahmann, Sarah / Anger, Silke
2014 Differential pricing and private provider performanceHomrighausen, Pia
2014 Demography and unemployment in East Germany: How close are the ties?Fuchs, Michaela / Weyh, Antje
2014 Kollektive Lohnverhandlungen und der Gender Wage Gap: Befunde aus einer qualitativen StudieGärtner, Debora / Grimm, Veronika / Lang, Julia / Stephan, Gesine / Daumann, Volker / Dony, Elke / Knapp, Barbara / Karsten, Strien
2014 Your very private job agency: Job referrals based on residential location networksHawranek, Franziska / Schanne, Norbert
2014 Active labour market programmes for women with a partner: Challenge or replication of traditional gender rolesKopf, Eva / Zabel, Cordula
2014 Efficiency in public input provision in two asymmetric jurisdictions with imperfect labour marketsGillet, Holger / Pauser, Johannes
2014 Firm performance and trade with low-income countries: Evidence from ChinaSchmerer, Hans-Jörg / Wang, Luhang
2014 Effectiveness of data correction rules in process-produced data: The case of educational attainmentKruppe, Thomas / Matthes, Britta / Unger, Stefanie
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