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DateTitle Authors
2015 The impact of changing youth employment patterns on future wagesUmkehrer, Matthias
2015 Under heavy pressure: Intense monitoring and accumulation of sanctions for young welfare recipients in Germanyvan den Berg, Gerard / Uhlendorff, Arne / Wolff, Joachim
2015 Misreporting to looping questions in surveys: Recall, motivation and burdenEckman, Stephanie / Kreuter, Frauke
2015 Long-term unemployment and labor force participation: A decomposition of unemployment to test for the discouragement and added worker hypothesesFuchs, Johann / Weber, Enzo
2015 Forecasting employment in Europe: Are survey results helpful?Lehmann, Robert / Weyh, Antje
2015 Measuring the use of human resources practices and employee attitudes: The Linked Personnel PanelKampkötter, Patrick / Mohrenweiser, Jens / Sliwka, Dirk / Steffes, Susanne / Wolter, Stefanie
2015 Detecting unemployment hysteresis: A simultaneous unobserved components model with Markov switchingKlinger, Sabine / Weber, Enzo
2015 Commuting farther and earning more? How employment density moderates workers' commuting distanceReichelt, Malte / Haas, Anette
2015 Jugendarbeitslosigkeit aus einer europäischen Perspektive: Theoretische Ansätze, empirische Konzepte und ausgewählte BefundeDietrich, Hans
2015 Empirische Maße zur Erfassung von Armut und materiellen Lebensbedingungen: Ansätze und Konzepte im ÜberblickChristoph, Bernhard
2015 Who profits from working-time accounts? Empirical evidence on the determinants of working-time accounts on the employers' and employees' sideZapf, Ines
2015 Long-run processes of geographical concentration and dispersion: Evidence from GermanyDauth, Wolfgang / Fuchs, Michaela / Otto, Anne
2015 Reallocation patterns across occupationsBauer, Anja
2015 Measuring hours worked in Germany: Contents, data and methodological essentials of the IAB working time measurement conceptWanger, Susanne / Weigand, Roland / Zapf, Ines
2015 Factor structural time series models for official statistics with an application to hours worked in GermanyWeigand, Roland / Wanger, Susanne / Zapf, Ines
2015 Location choice of German multinationals in the Czech Republic: The importance of agglomeration economiesHecht, Veronika
2015 The role of innovation and agglomeration for employment growth in the environmental sectorHorbach, Jens / Janser, Markus
2015 Individual and workplace-specific determinants of paid and unpaid overtime work in GermanyZapf, Ines
2015 Verheißung oder Bedrohung? Die Arbeitsmarktwirkungen einer vierten industriellen RevolutionMöller, Joachim
2015 Occupational and regional mobility as substitutes: A new approach to understanding job changes and wage inequalityReichelt, Malte / Abraham, Martin
2015 Endogenizing take-up of social assistance in a microsimulation model: A case study for GermanyWiemers, Jürgen
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