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DateTitle Authors
2013 Trade and qualification: Linking qualification needs to Germany's export flowsMönnig, Anke / Zika, Gerd / Maier, Tobias
2013 Wage posting or wage bargaining? Evidence from the employer's sideBrenzel, Hanna / Gartner, Hermann / Schnabel, Claus
2013 Does it matter where you work? Employer characteristics and the wage growth of low-wage workers and higher-wage workersStephani, Jens
2013 Labour market forecasting: Is disaggregation useful?Weber, Enzo / Zika, Gerd
2013 Patterns of unemployment dynamics in GermanyNordmeier, Daniela / Weber, Enzo
2013 Unemployment benefit II, unemployment and healthEggs, Johannes
2013 Mismatch unemployment: Evidence from Germany, 2000 - 2010Bauer, Anja
2013 Effects of participating in skill training and workfare on employment entries for lone mothers receiving means-tested benefits in GermanyZabel, Cordula
2013 Migration, unemployment, and skill downgrading: Specific-factors approchVallizadeh, Ehsan / Muysken, Joan / Ziesemer, Thomas
2013 A new look at the discouragement and the added worker hypotheses: Applying a trend-cycle decomposition to unemploymentFuchs, Johann / Weber, Enzo
2013 Capital mobility, imperfect labour markets, and the provision of public goodsPauser, Johannes
2013 The scars of youth: Effects of early-career unemployment on future unemployment experienceSchmillen, Achim / Umkehrer, Matthias
2013 Subsidies for substitutes? New evidence on deadweight loss and substitution effects of a wage subsidy for hard-to-place job-seekersMoczall, Andreas
2013 New insights into the development of regional unemployment disparitiesWerner, Daniel
2013 Einkommenseffekte von Betriebswechslern: Neue Befunde für OstdeutschlandAlm, Bastian / Engel, Dirk / Weyh, Antje
2012 Selektivität beim Zugang in Weiterbildungsmaßnahmen: Die Bedeutung individueller und struktureller Determinanten am Beispiel der Initiative zur Flankierung des StrukturwandelsFertig, Michael / Osiander, Christopher
2012 Do reservation wages react to regional unemployment?Blien, Uwe / Messmann, Susanne / Trappmann, Mark
2012 International trade and collective bargaining outcomes: Evidence from German employer-employee dataFelbermayr, Gabriel / Hauptmann, Andreas / Schmerer, Hans-Jörg
2012 The rise of the East and the far East: German labor markets and trade integrationDauth, Wolfgang / Findeisen, Sebastian / Suedekum, Jens
2012 International trade, technical change and wage inequality in the UK economyEngelmann, Sabine
2012 Effectiveness of further vocational training in Germany: Empirical findings for persons receiving means-tested unemployment benefitBernhard, Sarah / Kruppe, Thomas
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