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DateTitle Authors
2003 Ausländische Bevölkerungsgruppen in Deutschland: Integrationschancen 1985 und 2000Hinrichs, Wilhelm
2003 Postindustrialism and postmaterialism? A critical view of the new economy, the information age, the high tech society and all thatWilensky, Harold L.
2004 Social trust: Global pattern or nordic exceptionalism?Delhey, Jan / Newton, Kenneth
2004 European social integration: From convergence of countries to transnational relations between peoplesDelhey, Jan
2004 Empirische Untersuchung zweier Individualisierungshypothesen mit Querschnittsdaten aus 28 LändernKohler, Ulrich
2005 From nationally bounded to pan-European inequalities? On the importance of foreign countries as reference groupsDelhey, Jan / Kohler, Ulrich
2005 Globalisierung und rechtspopulistische WahlerfolgeNauenburg, Ricarda
2005 Wer spendet in Deutschland? Eine sozialstrukturelle AnalysePriller, Eckhard / Sommerfeld, Jana
2005 A trade-off between enlargement and integration? An analysis of trust between EU nationalitiesDelhey, Jan
2006 Reflections on inequality and equalityRingen, Stein
2007 Where Turkey stands in Europe and why it should be admitted to the EUAlber, Jens
2007 Evaluating democratic governance: A bottom up approach to European Union enlargementRose, Richard
2007 Poverty and social integration in the enlarged EuropeBöhnke, Petra
2007 Policy or privacy - what matters most for individual well-being? Determinants of life satisfaction in the enlarged EuropeBöhnke, Petra
2007 Contact between adult children and their divorced parents: Italy in a comparative perspectiveAlbertini, Marco / Saraceno, Chiara
2008 Well-being and inequalityBöhnke, Petra / Kohler, Ulrich
2008 Election outcomes and maximizing turnout: Modelling the effectKohler, Ulrich / Rose, Richard
2008 Segregation in social networks based on acquaintanceship and trustDiPrete, Thomas A. / Gelman, Andrew / Teitler, Julien / Zheng, Tian / McCormick, Tyler
2008 The inequality of electoral participation in Europe and America and the politically integrative functions of the welfare stateAlber, Jens / Kohler, Ulrich
2008 The politics of multipillar pension restructuring in Denmark, the Netherlands and SwitzerlandAnderson, Karen M.
2009 Poverty and exclusion in urban ChinaHao, Yan
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