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DateTitle Authors
1995 Politics and macroeconomic performance in the OECD countriesCusack, Thomas R.
1995 Corporate governance versus economic governance: banks and industrial restructuring in the US and GermanyVitols, Sigurt
1995 German banks and the modernization of the small firm sector: long-term finance in comparative perspectiveVitols, Sigurt
1995 Social democracy and full employmentGlyn, Andrew
1995 Finance, economic development and the transition: the East German caseCarlin, Wendy / Richthofen, Peter
1995 Partisan politics and public finance: changes in public spending in the industrialized democracies, 1955-1989Cusack, Thomas R.
1995 Unemployment and inequalityGlyn, Andrew
1995 Inflation versus central bank independence? Banking regulation and financial stability in the US and GermanyVitols, Sigurt
1995 Financial systems and industrial policy in Germany and Great Britain: the limits of convergenceVitols, Sigurt
1996 Restructuring Australian industrial relations: the limits of a supply side approachPhillimore, John
1996 The Treuhandanstalt, privatization and the role of the courtsCassell, Mark K.
1996 German industrial policy: An overviewVitols, Sigurt
1996 Is unemployment insurable? Employers and the institutionalization of the risk of unemploymentMares, Isabela
1996 Institutional transfer: industrial relations in eastern GermanyHyman, Richard
1996 ISO 9000 in French and German car industry: how international quality standards support varieties of capitalismHancké, Bob / Casper, Steven
1996 German technology policy, innovation, and national institutional frameworksSoskice, David
1996 Bridging the finance gap for small firms. The role of information flows across large firm-based production networks in supplying finance to small firms: the case of FranceHancké, Bob / Cieply, Sylvie
1996 Industrial reorganisation in France: changing relationships between large and small firmsHancké, Bob
1996 The social market economy: birth of an economic styleBroyer, Sylvain
1996 Problems on the road to high skill: a sectoral lesson from the transfer of the dual system of vocational training to eastern GermanyCulpepper, Pepper D.
1996 Coordination and restructuring in large French firms: the evolution of French industry in the 1980sHancké, Bob / Soskice, David
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