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DateTitle Authors
1996 German technology policy, innovation, and national institutional frameworksSoskice, David
1996 Bridging the finance gap for small firms. The role of information flows across large firm-based production networks in supplying finance to small firms: the case of FranceHancké, Bob / Cieply, Sylvie
1996 Industrial reorganisation in France: changing relationships between large and small firmsHancké, Bob
1996 The social market economy: birth of an economic styleBroyer, Sylvain
1996 Problems on the road to high skill: a sectoral lesson from the transfer of the dual system of vocational training to eastern GermanyCulpepper, Pepper D.
1996 Coordination and restructuring in large French firms: the evolution of French industry in the 1980sHancké, Bob / Soskice, David
1996 How and why institutional advantages are preserved in a global economy: a comparison of British and Swedish multilateral preferencesFioretos, Karl-Orfeo
1996 Von der Konstruktion von Industrienormen zur Organisation der Berufsausbildung: Eine vergleichende Analyse am Beispiel von Großbritannien, Deutschland, Japan und FrankreichSoskice, David / Hancké, Bob
1996 Firms and the welfare state: the emergence of new forms of unemploymentMares, Isabela
1996 Policy innovation in the Italian labour market: the influence of institutionsGualmini, Elisabetta
1996 The political economy of organizational change: industrial restructuring and industrial relations in France: Le cas RenaultHancké, Bob
1996 The development of decentralized supplier networks in East Germany: a challenge to the German model of industrial organizationCasper, Steven
1996 German banks and industrial finance in the 1990sDeeg, Richard
1996 Labour Unions, business co-ordination and economic adjustment in Western Europe, 1980-90Hancké, Bob
1997 Regulatory reform and market opening in JapanTilton, Mark
1997 Partisan politics and fiscal policyCusack, Thomas R.
1997 Mixed signals: central bank independence, coordinated wage bargaining, and European Monetary UnionHall, Peter A. / Franzese, Robert J.
1997 Weakening codetermination? Works council reform in West Germany in the 1980sWood, Stewart
1997 The performance of economic institutions in a dynamic environment: air transport and telecommunications in Germany and BritainLehrer, Mark / Darbishire, Owen
1997 On the road to Weimar? The political economy of popular satisfaction with government and regime performance in GermanyCusack, Thomas R.
1997 Modernisation without flexible specialisation: how large firm restructuring and government regional policies became the step-parents of autarchic regional production systems in FranceHancké, Bob
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