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DateTitle Authors
2009 Judgement aggregators and boolean algebra homomorphismHerzberg, Frederik
2009 Characterizing core stability with fuzzy gamesShellshear, Evan
2009 A representative individual from arrovian aggregation of parametric individual utilitiesHerzberg, Frederik
2009 Impossibility results for infinite-electorate abstract aggregation rulesHerzberg, Frederik / Eckert, Daniel
2009 Irreversible investment in oligopolySteg, Jan-Henrik
2009 An exact non-cooperative support for the sequential Raiffa solutionTrockel, Walter
2009 Strong core equivalence theorem in an atomless economy with indivisible commoditiesInoue, Tomoki
2009 Indivisible commodities and an equivalence theorem on the strong coreInoue, Tomoki
2009 Coalition formation in the airport problemFarrokhi, Mahmoud
2009 Voronoi languages: Equilibria in cheap-talk games with high-dimensional types and few signalsJäger, Gerhard / Koch-Metzger, Lars / Riedel, Frank
2009 Evolutionary stability of prospect theory preferencesRieger, Marc Oliver
2009 The best choice problem under ambiguityChudjakow, Tatjana / Riedel, Frank
2009 An axiomatization of the sequential Raiffa solutionTrockel, Walter
2009 It all depends on independenceEckert, Daniel / Herzberg, Frederik
2008 Brain drain, remittances, and fertilityMarchiori, Luca / Pieretti, Patrice / Zou, Benteng
2008 A utility representation theorem with weaker continuity conditionInoue, Tomoki
2008 Culture formation and endogenous cultural distancePichler, Michael M.
2008 Convex vNM-Stable Sets for linear production gamesRosenmüller, Joachim / Shitovitz, Benyamin
2008 The shortage of medical workers in Sub-Saharan Africa and substitution policyBourgain, Arnaud / Pieretti, Patrice / Zou, Benteng
2008 The dynamics of closeness and betweennessBuechel, Berno / Buskens, Vincent
2008 Judgment aggregation functions and ultraproductsHerzberg, Frederik
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