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DateTitle Authors
2014 Convex vNM–stable sets for a semi-orthogonal game. Part III: A small economy - uniqueness and multiple solutionsRosenmüller, Joachim
2014 Wage bargaining, employment, and union power: The right-to-manage approachBöhm, Volker / Claas, Oliver
2014 A full characterization of all deterministic dominant strategy incentive compatible, ex-post individually rational, and ex-post budget balanced direct mechanisms in the public good provision problem with independent private valuesKuzmics, Christoph
2014 Coordination with independent private values: Why pedestrians sometimes bump into each otherKuzmics, Christoph
2014 Large Deviations and Stochastic Stability in the Small Noise Double Limit, I: TheorySandholm, Willian H. / Staudigl, Mathias
2014 Optimal consumption and portfolio choice with ambiguityLin, Qian / Riedel, Frank
2014 Weak approximation of G-expectationFadina, Tolulope / Herzberg, Frederik
2014 Convex vNM–stable sets for a semi-orthogonal game. Part II: Rich central commodityRosenmüller, Joachim
2014 Aggregating infinitely many probability measuresHerzberg, Frederik
2014 Large Deviations and Stochastic Stability in the Small Noise Double Limit, II: The Logit ModelSandholm, Willian H. / Staudigl, Mathias
2013 Aggregation of Monotonic Bernoullian Archimedean preferences: Arrovian impossibility resultsHerzberg, Frederik
2013 Eliciting private information with noise: The case of randomized responseBlume, Andreas / Lai, Ernest K. / Lim, Wooyoung
2013 Welfare improving discrimination based on cognitive limitationsSürücü, Oktay
2013 Robustness of intermediate agreements for the discrete Raiffa solutionTrockel, Walter
2013 Quality uncertainty with imperfect information acquisitionGertz, Christopher
2013 Explicit collusion under antitrust enforcementMouraviev, Igor
2013 Radner equilibria under ambiguous volatilityBeißner, Patrick
2013 On-the-job search and optimal schooling under uncertainty and irreversibilityZaharieva, Anna
2013 Optimal policy and the role of social contacts in a search model with heterogeneous workersStupnytska, Yuliia / Zaharieva, Anna
2013 The (non-)robustness of influential cheap talk equilibriaDiehl, Christoph / Kuzmics, Christoph
2013 A degree-distance-based connections model with negative and positive externalitiesMöhlmeier, Philipp / Rusinowska, Agnieszka / Tanimura, Emily
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