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DateTitle Authors
2012 Birth order and human capital development: Evidence from Ecuadorde Haan, Monique / Plug, Erik / Rosero, José
2012 Education policies and practices: What have we learnt and the road ahead for BiharRanjan, Priya / Prakash, Nishith
2012 Toward the integration of personality theory and decision theory in the explanation of economic and health behaviorRustichini, Aldo / DeYoung, Colin G. / Anderson, Jon / Burks, Stephen V.
2012 Union membership and density: Some (not so) stylized facts and challengesSchnabel, Claus
2012 Time vs. money: The supply of voluntary labor and charitable donations across EuropeBauer, Thomas K. / Bredtmann, Julia / Schmidt, Christoph M.
2012 Peer effects in program participationDahl, Gordon B. / Løken, Katrine V. / Mogstad, Magne
2012 Life satisfaction and air quality in EuropeFerreira, Susana / Akay, Alpaslan / Brereton, Finbarr / Cuñado, Juncal / Martinsson, Peter / Moro, Mirko
2012 Sharpening the effectiveness of natural experiments as an analytical toolDuleep, Harriet Orcutt
2012 Incentives in the public sector: Evidence from a government agencyBurgess, Simon / Propper, Carol / Ratto, Marisa / Tominey, Emma
2012 Risk-taking behavior in the wake of natural disastersCameron, Lisa Ann / Shah, Manisha
2012 Immigrant homeownership and immigration status: Evidence from SpainAmuedo-Dorantes, Catalina / Mundra, Kusum
2012 The effect of job displacement on couples' fertility decisionsHuttunen, Kristiina / Kellokumpu, Jenni
2012 Maternal gender role attitudes, human capital investment, and labour supply of sons and daughtersJohnston, David W. / Schurer, Stefanie / Shields, Michael A.
2012 Recovering the counterfactual wage distribution with selective return migrationBiavaschi, Costanza
2012 Dynamics of disability and work in CanadaOguzoglu, Umut
2012 Gender, educational attainment, and the impact of parental migration on children left behindAntman, Francisca M.
2012 The impact of female employment on male wages and careers: Evidence from the English banking industry, 1890 - 1941Seltzer, Andrew
2012 From polygyny to serial monogamy: A unified theory of marriage institutionsDe la Croix, David / Mariani, Fabio
2012 Do employees profit from profit sharing? Evidence from Canadian panel dataLong, Richard J. / Fang, Tony
2012 Comparing quasi-experimental designs and structural models for policy evaluation: The case of a reform of lone parental welfarePronzato, Chiara Daniela
2012 Frictions and the joint behavior of hiring and investmentYashiv, Eran
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