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DateTitle Authors
1998 Unemployment and Crime: New Answers to an Old QuestionPapps, Kerry L. / Winkelmann, Rainer
1998 Increasing Shadow Economies all over the World - Fiction or Reality?Ernste, Dominik / Schneider, Friedrich G.
1998 Transition from School to Work: Search Time and Job DurationBratberg, Espen / Nilsen, Øivind Anti
1999 Causes of changing earnings inequalitySnower, Dennis J.
1999 Multi-task learning and the reorganization of work: From Tayloristic to holistic organizationLindbeck, Assar / Snower, Dennis J.
1999 Anatomy of policy complementaritiesOrszag, Jonathan Michael / Snower, Dennis J.
1999 Adjustment dynamics and the natural rate: An account of UK unemploymentHenry, Brian / Karanassou, Marika / Snower, Dennis J.
1999 Active Labor Market Policies in Poland: Human Capital Enhancement, Stigmatization or Benefit ChurningKluve, Jochen / Lehmann, Hartmut / Schmidt, Christoph M.
1999 Persistence and the German Unemployment Problem: Empirical Evidences on German Labor Market FlowsSchmidt, Christoph M.
1999 Work or Retirement? Exit Routs for Norwegian ElderlyDahl, Svenn-Åge / Nilsen, Øivind Anti / Vaage, Kjell
1999 Labour Mobility - An Adjustment Mechanism in Euroland?Puhani, Patrick A.
1999 Is Job Stability in the United States Falling?Jaeger, David A. / Stevens, Ann Huff
1999 The Effects of European Economic and Monetary Union on Wage BehaviourLauer, Charlotte
1999 Exchange Rate Volatility Effects on the German Labour Market: A Survey of Recent Results and ExtensionsBuscher, Herbert S. / Mueller, Claudia
1999 Job Satisfaction within the Scottish Academic ProfessionWard, Melanie E. / Sloane, Peter J.
1999 Empirical Findings on the Swiss Migration ExperienceStraubhaar, Thomas / Golder, Stefan M.
1999 The Changing Distribution of Job SatisfactionHamermesh, Daniel S.
1999 Household Characteristics, Ability and Education: Evidence´ from a Dynamic Expected Utility ModelBelzil, Christian / Hansen, Joergen
1999 Overtime Working in an Unregulated Labour MarketBell, David N.F. / Hart, Robert A.
1999 On the Cyclicality and Stability of Real EarningsHart, Robert A. / Malley, James R.
1999 The Effects of Development on Migration: Theoretical Issues and New Empirical EvidenceRotte, Ralph / Vogler, Michael
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