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DateTitle Authors
1998 Is Job Stability Declining in Germany? Evidences from Count Data ModelsWinkelmann, Rainer / Zimmermann, Klaus F.
1998 East-West Trade and Migration: The Austro-German CaseWinter-Ebmer, Rudolf / Zimmermann, Klaus F.
1998 Temporary Migrants From Egypt: How Long Do They Stay Abroad?Gang, Ira N. / Bauer, Thomas K.
1998 German Job Mobility and WagesZimmermann, Klaus F.
1998 Labor Force Transitions of Older Married Couples in GermanyBlau, David M. / Riphahn, Regina T.
1998 The Mortality Crisis in East GermanyZimmermann, Klaus F. / Riphahn, Regina T.
1998 Immigration und Arbeitsmarkt: Eine oekonomische PerspektiveZimmermann, Klaus F.
1998 Das Entsendegesetz: Suendenfall oder Loesung des Arbeitslosigkeitsproblems?Rotte, Ralf / Zimmermann, Klaus F.
1998 Income and Employment Effects of Health Shocks - A Test Case for the German Welfare StateRiphahn, Regina T.
1998 Employment Effects of Payroll Taxes - An Empirical Test for GermanyRiphahn, Regina T. / Bauer, Thomas K.
1998 Determinants of International Migration: Empirical Evidence for Migration from Developing Countries to GermanyRotte, Ralph / Vogler, Michael
1998 Sorties from the Fortress: The Current System of Anti-Immigration Policy in GermanyRotte, Ralph
1998 Memorandum: Erfolgsbedingungen empirischer Wirtschaftsforschung und empirisch gestuetzter wirtschafts- und sozialpolitischer BeratungHauser, Richard / Wagner, Gert G. / Zimmermann, Klaus F.
1998 Immigration Participation in Social Assistance ProgramsRiphahn, Regina T.
1998 Immigration Labor and Workplace SafetyBauer, Thomas K. / Million, Andreas / Rotte, Ralph / Zimmermann, Klaus F.
1998 Returns to Returning: Who Went Abroad and What Does it Matter?Co, Catherine Y. / Yun, Myeong-Su / Gang, Ira N.
1998 Portuguese Migrants in the German Labor Market: Performance and Self-SelectionBauer, Thomas K. / Pereira, Pedro Telhado / Vogler, Michael / Zimmermann, Klaus F.
1998 The Economics of Hospital Trips and Health Care ReformMillion, Andreas / Rotte, Ralph / Zimmermann, Klaus F.
1998 Learning Efficiency of Economics StudentsZimmermann, Klaus F. / Bauer, Thomas K.
1998 Petersberger Erklaerung: Anstoesse fuer eine zukunftsgerichtete ArbeitsmarktpolitikZimmermann, Klaus F. / Burda, Michael C. / von Hagen, J├╝rgen / Konrad, Kai A. / Schneider, Friedrich G. / Wagner, Gert G.
1998 Unemployment and Crime: New Answers to an Old QuestionPapps, Kerry L. / Winkelmann, Rainer
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