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DateTitle Authors
2012 Joint leisure before and after retirement: A double regression discontinuity approachStancanelli, Elena G. F. / van Soest, Arthur
2012 Subcontracting and the size and composition of the informal sector: Evidence from Indian manufacturingMoreno, Ana Isabel / Pieters, Janneke / Erumban, Abdul Azeez
2012 The impact of family income on child achievement: Evidence from the earned income tax creditDahl, Gordon B. / Lochner, Lance
2012 The "bomb" risk elicitation taskCrosetto, Paolo / Filippin, Antonio
2012 Testing for nonparametric identification of causal effects in the presence of a quasi-instrumentDeLuna, Xavier / Johansson, Per
2012 Child care assistance: Are subsidies or tax credits better?Gong, Xiaodong / Breunig, Robert
2012 Water scarcity and birth outcomes in the Brazilian semiaridRocha, Rudi / Soares, Rodrigo Reis
2012 Spouses' retirement and hours outcomes: Evidence from twofold regression discontinuity with differences-in-differencesStancanelli, Elena G. F.
2012 Extending Becker's time allocation theory to model continuous time blocks: Evidence from daylight saving timeWolff, Hendrik / Makino, Momoe
2012 An anatomy of racial and ethnic trends in male earningsWinters, John V. / Hirsch, Barry T.
2012 Income distribution among those of 65 years and older in SwedenSjögren Lindquist, Gabriella / Wadensjö, Eskil
2012 Taxes, cigarette consumption, and smoking intensity: ReplyAdda, Jérôme / Cornaglia, Francesca
2012 Liability-of-foreignness effects on job success of immigrant job seekersFang, Tony / Samnani, Al-Karim / Novicevic, Milorad M. / Bing, Mark N.
2012 How general are time preferences? Eliciting good-specific discount ratesUbfal, Diego
2012 The economic status of Asian Americans before and after the Civil Rights ActDuleep, Harriet / Sanders, Seth G.
2012 Getting back into the labor market: The effects of start-up subsidies for unemployed femalesCaliendo, Marco / Künn, Steffen
2012 The effects of bullying in elementary schoolMundbjerg Eriksen, Tine Louise / Skyt Nielsen, Helena / Simonsen, Marianne
2012 Stand your ground laws and homicidesMcClellan, Chandler / Tekin, Erdal
2012 Does breastfeeding support at work help mothers and employers at the same time?Del Bono, Emilia / Pronzato, Chiara
2012 Removing financial barriers to organ and bone marrow donation: The effect of leave and tax legislation in the USLacetera, Nicola / Macis, Mario / Stith, Sarah S.
2012 Can an ethnic group climb up from the bottom of the ladder?Epstein, Gil S. / Siniver, Erez
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