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DateTitle Authors
2014 Multi-union bargaining: Tariff plurality and tariff competitionAghadadashli, Hamid / Wey, Christian
2014 Consumer flexibility, data quality and location choiceBaye, Irina / Hasnas, Irina
2014 The welfare impact of parallel imports: A structural approach applied to the German market for oral anti-diabeticsDuso, Tomaso / Herr, Annika / Suppliet, Moritz
2014 Why are economists so different? Nature, nurture, and gender effects in a simple trust gameHaucap, Justus / Müller, Andrea
2014 Simultaneous and sequential contributions to step-level public goods: One vs. two provision levelsNormann, Hans-Theo / Rau, Holger A.
2014 Frictions in the interbank market and uncertain liquidity needs: Implications for monetary policy implementationBucher, Monika / Hauck, Achim / Neyer, Ulrike
2014 Patents as quality signals? The implications for financing constraints on R&DCzarnitzki, Dirk / Hall, Bronwyn H. / Hottenrott, Hanna
2014 Media bias and advertising: Evidence from a German car magazineDewenter, Ralf / Heimeshoff, Ulrich
2014 Targeted pricing, consumer myopia and investment in customer-tracking technologyBaye, Irina / Sapi, Geza
2014 Do leniency policies facilitate collusion? Experimental evidenceClemens, Georg / Rau, Holger A.
2013 Bargaining power in manufacturer-retailer relationshipsHaucap, Justus / Heimeshoff, Ulrich / Klein, Gordon J. / Rickert, Dennis / Wey, Christian
2013 Inter-format competition among retailers: The role of private label products in market delineationHaucap, Justus / Heimeshoff, Ulrich / Klein, Gordon J. / Rickert, Dennis / Wey, Christian
2013 Fishing for complementarities: Competitive research funding and research productivityHottenrott, Hanna / Lawson, Cornelia
2013 Policy-induced environmental technology and inventive efforts: Is there a crowding out?Hottenrott, Hanna / Rexhäuser, Sascha
2013 Consumer myopia, competition and the incentives to unshroud add-on informationWenzel, Tobias
2013 The rise of the East and the Far East: German labor markets and trade integrationDauth, Wolfgang / Findeisen, Sebastian / Suedekum, Jens
2013 Financial liberalization and the relationship-specificity of exportsDefever, Fabrice / Suedekum, Jens
2013 Why are educated and risk-loving persons more mobile across regions?Bauernschuster, Stefan / Falck, Oliver / Heblich, Stephan / Suedekum, Jens
2013 Global sourcing of complex production processesSchwarz, Christian / Suedekum, Jens
2013 (International) R&D collaboration and SMEs: The effectiveness of targeted public R&D support schemesHottenrott, Hanna / Lopes-Bento, Cindy
2013 Quantity or quality? Knowledge alliances and their effects on patentingHottenrott, Hanna / Lopes-Bento, Cindy
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