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DateTitle Authors
2011 The relation of the disposition effect to mutual fund trades and performanceCici, Gjergji
2011 Mutual fund flows, expected returns, and the real economyJank, Stephan
2011 Market response to investor sentimentHengelbrock, Jördis / Theissen, Erik / Westheide, Christian
2010 Overconfidence among professional investors: Evidence from mutual fund managersPütz, Alexander / Ruenzi, Stefan
2010 Strategic trading and trade reporting by corporate insidersBetzer, André / Gider, Jasmin / Metzger, Daniel / Theissen, Erik
2010 Public opinion and executive compensationKuhnen, Camelia M. / Niessen, Alexandra
2010 The performance of corporate-bond mutual funds: Evidence based on security-level holdingsCici, Gjergji / Gibson, Scott
2010 Missing the marks? Dispersion in corporate bond valuations across mutual fundsCici, Gjergji / Gibson, Scott / Merrick, John J.
2010 Risk and return in convertible arbitrage: Evidence from the convertible bond marketAgarwal, Vikas / Fung, William H. / Loon, Yee Cheng / Naik, Narayan Y.
2010 Projected earnings accuracy and the profitability of stock recommendationsHess, Dieter E. / Kreutzmann, Daniel / Pucker, Oliver
2010 Caught in the act: How hedge funds manipulate their equity positionsCici, Gjergji / Kempf, Alexander / Pütz, Alexander
2010 Tell-tale tails: A data driven approach to estimate unique market information sharesGrammig, Joachim G. / Peter, Franziska J.
2010 Uncovering hedge fund skill from the portfolio holdings they hideAgarwal, Vikas / Jiang, Wei / Tang, Yuehua / Yang, Baozhong
2010 Sturm und Drang in money market funds: When money market funds cease to be narrowJank, Stephan / Wedow, Michael
2010 The value of tradeabilityChesney, Marc / Kempf, Alexander
2010 Purchase and redemption decisions of mutual fund investors and the role of fund familiesJank, Stephan / Wedow, Michael
2010 Inferring reporting biases in hedge fund databases from hedge fund equity holdingsAgarwal, Vikas / Fos, Vyacheslav / Jiang, Wei
2010 The cross-Section of German stock returns: New data and new evidenceArtmann, Sabine / Finter, Philipp / Kempf, Alexander / Koch, Stefan / Theissen, Erik
2010 The influence of buy-side analysts on mutual fund tradingFrey, Stefan / Herbst, Patrick
2010 The impact of investor sentiment on the German stock marketFinter, Philipp / Niessen-Ruenzi, Alexandra / Ruenzi, Stefan
2010 Höhe, Struktur und Determinanten der Managervergütung: Eine Analyse der Fondsbranche in DeutschlandDrachter, Kerstin / Kempf, Alexander
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