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DateTitle Authors
2009 Do higher-moment equity risks explain hedge fund returns?Agarwal, Vikas / Bakshi, Gurdip / Huij, Joop
2009 Endogenous benchmarksHunter, David / Kandel, Eugene / Kandel, Shmuel / Wermers, Russ
2009 Overconfidence among professional investors: Evidence from mutual fund managersPütz, Alexander / Ruenzi, Stefan
2009 Trading the bond-CDS basis: The role of credit risk and liquidityTrapp, Monika
2009 Low risk and high return - how emotions shape expectations on the stock marketKempf, Alexander / Niessen-Ruenzi, Alexandra / Merkle, Christoph
2009 The information content of implied volatilities and model-free volatility expectations: Evidence from options written on individual stocksTaylor, Stephen J. / Yadav, Pradeep K. / Zhang, Yuanyuan
2009 The term structure of illiquidity premiaKempf, Alexander / Korn, Olaf / Uhrig-Homburg, Marliese
2009 Fundamental information in technical trading strategiesBoonenkamp, Ute / Kempf, Alexander / Homburg, Carsten
2009 Strategic trading and trade reporting by corporate insidersBetzer, André / Gider, Jasmin / Metzger, Daniel / Theissen, Erik
2009 Commonalities in the order bookBeltran-Lopez, Héléna / Giot, Pierre / Grammig, Joachim G.
2009 Time-varying credit risk and liquidity premia in bond and CDS marketsBühler, Wolfgang / Trapp, Monika
2008 Employment risk, compensation incentives and managerial risk taking: Evidence from the mutual fund industryKempf, Alexander / Ruenzi, Stefan / Thiele, Tanja
2008 Is Executive Compensation Shaped by Public Attitudes?Kuhnen, Camelia M. / Niessen-Ruenzi, Alexandra
2008 Determinanten der Aktionärspräsenz auf Hauptversammlungen deutscher AktiengesellschaftenLinge, Philipp / Theissen, Erik
2008 Price adjustment to news with uncertain precisionHautsch, Nikolaus / Hess, Dieter E. / Müller, Christoph
2008 International price discovery in the presence of market microstructure effectsGrammig, Joachim G. / Peter, Franziska J.
2008 Sooner or later: delays in trade reporting by corporate insidersBetzer, André / Theissen, Erik
2008 What matters to SRI investors?Osthoff, Peer
2008 Setting a Fox to Keep the Geese: Does the comply-or-explain principle work?Andres, Christian / Theissen, Erik
2008 How do commodity futures respond to macroeconomic news?Hess, Dieter E. / Huang, He / Niessen-Ruenzi, Alexandra
2008 Risk management with default-risky forwardsKorn, Olaf
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