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DateTitle Authors
2005 Understanding the limit order book: Conditioning on trade informativenessBeltran, Héléna / Grammig, Joachim / Menkveld, Albert J.
2005 Status quo bias and the number of alternatives: An empirical illustration from the mutual fund industryKempf, Alexander / Ruenzi, Stefan
2005 An analysis of private investors' stock market return forecastsTheissen, Erik
2005 Compensating wages under different exchange rate regimesHoffmann, Mathias
2005 Fixed versus flexible exchange rates: Evidence from developing countriesHoffmann, Mathias
2006 Decision processes in German mutual fund companies: Evidence from a telephone surveyDrachter, Kerstin / Kempf, Alexander / Wagner, Michael
2006 How do self-fulfilling prophecies affect financial ratings? An experimental studyCeljo-Hörhager, Sanela / Niessen, Alexandra
2006 Competition between exchanges: Euronext versus XetraKasch-Haroutounian, Maria / Theissen, Erik
2006 Investment performance and market share: A study of the German mutual fund industryKrahnen, Jan P. / Schmid, Frank A. / Theissen, Erik
2006 Why managers hold shares of their firm: An empirical analysisvon Lilienfeld-Toal, Ulf / Ruenzi, Stefan
2006 Liquidity commonality beyond best pricesKempf, Alexander / Mayston, Daniel
2006 Portfolio performance, discount dynamics, and the turnover of closed-end fund managersWermers, Russ / Wu, Youchang / Zechner, Josef
2006 The Poole analysis in the new open economy macroeconomic frameworkHoffmann, Mathias / Kempa, Bernd
2006 On the usability of synthetic measures of mutual fund net-flowsBer, Silke / Ruenzi, Stefan
2006 Bond portfolio optimization: A risk-return approachKorn, Olaf / Koziol, Christian
2007 Corporate governance in IndiaChakrabarti, Rajesh / Megginson, William L. / Yadav, Pradeep K.
2007 Analyst recommendations, mutual fund herding, and overreaction in stock pricesBrown, Nerissa C. / Wei, Kelsey D. / Wermers, Russ
2007 The early news catches the attention: On the relative price impact of similar economic indicatorsHess, Dieter / Niessen, Alexandra
2007 Insider trading and corporate governance: The case of GermanyBetzer, André / Theissen, Erik
2007 The effect of socially responsible investing on portfolio performanceKempf, Alexander / Osthoff, Peer
2007 SRI funds: Nomen est omenKempf, Alexander / Osthoff, Peer
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