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DateTitle Authors
2004 Tournaments in mutual fund familiesKempf, Alexander / Ruenzi, Stefan
2004 Trading costs of public investors with obligatory and voluntary market-making: Evidence from market reformsNaik, Narayan Y. / Yadav, Pradeep K.
2004 Risk and return in convertible arbitrage: Evidence from the convertible bond marketAgarwal, Vikas / Fung, William H. / Loon, Yee Cheng / Naik, Narayan Y.
2004 Bayesian learning in financial markets: Testing for the relevance of information precision in price discoveryHautsch, Nikolaus / Hess, Dieter
2004 Portfolio disclosure, portfolio selection and mutual fund performance evaluationKempf, Alexander / Kreuzberg, Klaus
2004 Inflation dynamics and the cost channel of monetary transmissionChowdhury, Ibrahim / Hoffmann, Mathias / Schabert, Andreas
2004 Strategic trading behavior and price distortion in a manipulated market: Anatomy of a squeezeMerrick, John J. / Naik, Narayan Y. / Yadav, Pradeep K.
2005 Does anonymity matter in electronic limit order markets?Foucault, Thierry / Moinas, Sophie / Theissen, Erik
2005 Determinanten der Mittelzuflüsse bei deutschen AktienfondsBer, Silke / Kempf, Alexander / Ruenzi, Stefan
2005 Liquidity supply and adverse selection in a pure limit order book marketFrey, Stefan / Grammig, Joachim
2005 Can mutual fund stars really pick stocks? New evidence from a bootstrap analysisKosowski, Robert / Timmermann, Allan / Wermers, Russ / White, Hal
2005 Liquiditätsdynamik am deutschen AktienmarktGriese, Knut / Kempf, Alexander
2005 Investing in mutual funds when returns are predictableAvramov, Doron / Wermers, Russ
2005 On the estimation of the global minimum variance portfolioKempf, Alexander / Memmel, Christoph
2005 Is a team different from the sum of its parts? Evidence from mutual fund managersBär, Michaela / Kempf, Alexander / Ruenzi, Stefan
2005 Mutual fund growth in standard an specialist market segmentsRuenzi, Stefan
2005 Saving, investment and the net foreign asset positionHoffmann, Mathias
2005 Understanding the limit order book: Conditioning on trade informativenessBeltran, Héléna / Grammig, Joachim / Menkveld, Albert J.
2005 Status quo bias and the number of alternatives: An empirical illustration from the mutual fund industryKempf, Alexander / Ruenzi, Stefan
2005 An analysis of private investors' stock market return forecastsTheissen, Erik
2005 Compensating wages under different exchange rate regimesHoffmann, Mathias
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