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DateTitle Authors
2011 The prevalence of the disposition effect in mutual funds' tradesCici, Gjergji
2011 Determinants of expected stock returns: Large sample evidence from the German marketArtmann, Sabine / Finter, Philipp / Kempf, Alexander
2011 Uncovering hedge fund skill from the portfolio holdings they hideAgarwal, Vikas / Jiang, Wei / Tang, Yuehua / Yang, Baozhong
2011 The value of tradeabilityChesney, Marc / Kempf, Alexander
2011 The impact of investor sentiment on the German stock marketFinter, Philipp / Niessen-Ruenzi, Alexandra / Ruenzi, Stefan
2011 Price adjustment to news with uncertain precisionHautsch, Nikolaus / Hess, Dieter / Müller, Christoph
2011 Projected earnings accuracy and the profitability of stock recommendationsHess, Dieter / Kreutzmann, Daniel / Pucker, Oliver
2011 Price discovery in spot and futures markets: A reconsiderationTheissen, Erik
2011 The valuation of hedge funds' equity positionsCici, Gjergji / Kempf, Alexander / Pütz, Alexander
2011 Can internet search queries help to predict stock market volatility?Dimpfl, Thomas / Jank, Stephan
2011 Management compensation and market timing under portfolio constraintsAgarwal, Vikas / Gómez, Juan-Pedro / Priestley, Richard
2011 Liquidity dynamics in an electronic open limit order book: An event study approachGomber, Peter / Schweickert, Uwe / Theissen, Erik
2011 Irrationality or efficiency of macroeconomic survey forecasts? Implications from the anchoring bias testHess, Dieter / Orbe, Sebastian
2011 Optimal leverage, its benefits, and the business cycleHess, Dieter / Immenkötter, Philipp
2011 Portfolio optimization using forward-looking informationKempf, Alexander / Korn, Olaf / Saßning, Sven
2011 Extended dividend, cash flow and residual income valuation models: Accounting for deviations from ideal conditionsHeinrichs, Nicolas / Hess, Dieter / Homburg, Carsten / Lorenz, Michael / Sievers, Soenke
2011 Determinants and implications of fee changes in the hedge fund industryAgarwal, Vikas / Ray, Sugata
2011 Window dressing in mutual fundsAgarwal, Vikas / Gay, Gerald D. / Ling, Leng
2011 On the use of options by mutual funds: Do they know what they are doing?Cici, Gjergji / Palacios, Luis-Felipe
2011 The impact of macroeconomic news on quote adjustments, noise, and informational volatilityHautsch, Nikolaus / Hess, Dieter E. / Veredas, David
2011 Are there disadvantaged clienteles in mutual funds?Jank, Stephan
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