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DateTitle Authors
2014 Trading efficiency of fund families: Impact on fund performance and investment behaviorCici, Gjergji / Dahm, Laura K. / Kempf, Alexander
2014 What they did in their previous life: The investment value of mutual fund managers' experience outside the financial sectorCici, Gjergji / Gehde-Trapp, Monika / Göricke, Marc-André / Kempf, Alexander
2014 Outsourcing of mutual funds' non-core competenciesSorhage, Christoph
2014 Under one roof: A study of simultaneously managed hedge funds and funds of hedge fundsAgarwal, Vikas / Lu, Yan / Ray, Sugata
2014 Investor sentiment, flight-to-quality, and corporate bond comovementBethke, Sebastian / Kempf, Alexander / Trapp, Monika
2014 Estimation of trading costs: Trade indicator models revisitedTheissen, Erik / Zehnder, Lars Simon
2014 Risk-adjusted option-implied momentsBrinkmann, Felix / Korn, Olaf
2014 Illiquidity transmission from spot to futures marketsKorn, Olaf / Krischak, Paolo / Theissen, Erik
2014 Dividend taxation and DAX futures pricesFink, Christopher / Theissen, Erik
2014 CEO fitness and firm valueLimbach, Peter / Sonnenburg, Florian
2014 Give me strong moments and time: Combining GMM and SMM to estimate long-run risk asset pricingGrammig, Joachim / Schaub, Eva-Maria
2014 Consumption-based asset pricing with rare disaster riskGrammig, Joachim / Sönksen, Jantje
2014 Market transparency and the marking precision of bond mutual fund managersCici, Gjergji / Gibson, Scott / Gündüz, Yalin / Merrick, John J.
2014 Outsourcing of mutual funds' non-core competencies and the impact on operational outcomes: Evidence from funds' shareholder servicesSorhage, Christoph
2014 Mandatory portfolio disclosure, stock liquidity, and mutual fund performanceAgarwal, Vikas / Mullally, Kevin Andrew / Tang, Yuehua / Yang, Baozhong
2014 Window dressing in mutual fundsAgarwal, Vikas / Gay, Gerald D. / Ling, Leng
2014 How much is too much? Debt capacity and financial flexibilityHess, Dieter / Immenkötter, Philipp
2014 Corporate governance and the nature of takeover resistanceCarline, Nicholas F. / Linn, Scott C. / Yadav, Pradeep K.
2014 Do financial advisors provide tangible benefits for investors? Evidence from tax-motivated mutual fund flowsCici, Gjergji / Kempf, Alexander / Sorhage, Christoph
2014 Forward-looking measures of higher-order dependencies with an application to portfolio selectionBrinkmann, Felix / Kempf, Alexander / Korn, Olaf
2014 Portfolio optimization using forward-looking informationKempf, Alexander / Korn, Olaf / Saßning, Sven
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