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DateTitle Authors
2015 Quality of Higher Education and the Labor Market in Developing Countries: Evidence from an Education Reform in SenegalBoccanfuso, Dorothée / Larouche, Alexandre / Trandafir, Mircea
2015 Norwegian Rhapsody? The Political Economy Benefits of Regional IntegrationCampos, Nauro F. / Coricelli, Fabrizio / Moretti, Luigi
2015 The UK's Productivity PuzzleBryson, Alex / Forth, John
2015 Does Worker Wellbeing Affect Workplace Performance?Bryson, Alex / Forth, John / Stokes, Lucy
2015 Not Working at Work: Loafing, Unemployment and Labor ProductivityBurda, Michael C. / Genadek, Katie R. / Hamermesh, Daniel S.
2015 Insuring against Health Shocks: Health Insurance and Household ChoicesLiu, Kai
2015 The Effect of Statutory Sick Pay Regulations on Workers' HealthHalla, Martin / Pech, Susanne / Zweimüller, Martina
2015 The Long-term Health Effects of Fetal Malnutrition: Evidence from the 1959-1961 China Great Leap Forward FamineKim, Seonghoon / Fleisher, Belton M. / Sun, Jessica Ya
2015 The Effect of Changes in the Statutory Minimum Working Age on Educational, Labor and Health OutcomesJiménez-Martín, Sergi / Vall-Castello, Judit / del Rey, Elena
2015 Can Compulsory Dialogues Nudge Sick-Listed Workers Back to Work?Markussen, Simen / Røed, Knut / Schreiner, Ragnhild C.
2015 Does Holding a Postdoctoral Position Bring Benefits for Advancing to Academia?Lin, Eric S. / Chiu, Shih-Yung
2015 Can Helping the Sick Hurt the Able? Incentives, Information and Disruption in a Disability-Related Welfare ReformBagaria, Nitika / Petrongolo, Barbara / Van Reenen, John
2015 Spillover Effects of Early-Life Medical InterventionsBreining, Sanni / Daysal, N. Meltem / Simonsen, Marianne / Trandafir, Mircea
2015 Peer Effects, Fast Food Consumption and Adolescent Weight GainFortin, Bernard / Yazbeck, Myra
2015 The Hidden Costs of Tax Evasion: Collaborative Tax Evasion in Markets for Expert ServicesBalafoutas, Loukas / Beck, Adrian / Kerschbamer, Rudolf / Sutter, Matthias
2015 The Consequences of Academic Match between Students and CollegesDillon, Eleanor / Smith, Jeffrey A.
2015 Education and Growth with Learning by DoingMarconi, Gabriele / de Grip, Andries
2015 A Real-Effort Experiment on Gift Exchange with TemptationKoch, Alexander K. / Nafziger, Julia
2015 Does Daylight Saving Time Really Make Us Sick?Jin, Lawrence / Ziebarth, Nicolas R.
2015 Is Ability Tracking (Really) Responsible for Educational Inequalities in Achievement? A Comparison between the Country States Bavaria and Hesse in GermanyEsser, Hartmut / Relikowski, Ilona
2015 Information Frictions and Labor Market OutcomesCardoso, Ana Rute / Loviglio, Annalisa / Piemontese, Lavinia
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