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DateTitle Authors
2014 What Do Field Experiments of Discrimination in Markets Tell Us? A Meta Analysis of Studies Conducted since 2000Rich, Judy
2014 Statistical Power of Within and Between-Subjects Designs in Economic ExperimentsBellemare, Charles / Bissonnette, Luc / Kröger, Sabine
2014 "Making It Count": Evidence from a Field Study on Assessment Rules, Study Incentives and Student PerformanceChevalier, Arnaud / Dolton, Peter / Lührmann, Melanie
2014 Choosing to Be Trained: Do Behavioral Traits Matter?Dasgupta, Utteeyo / Gangadharan, Lata / Maitra, Pushkar / Mani, Subha / Subramanian, Samyukta
2014 Leaders as Role Models for the Voluntary Provision of Public GoodsGächter, Simon / Renner, Elke
2014 Migration of Graduates within a Sequential Decision Framework: Evidence from PolandHerbst, Mikolaj / Kaczmarczyk, Pawel / Wojcik, Piotr
2014 House Price ExpectationsNiu, Geng / van Soest, Arthur
2014 Can Active Labor Market Policy Be Counter-Productive?Saint-Paul, Gilles
2014 How Did the Housing and Labor Market Crises Affect Young Adults' Living Arrangements?Rogers, William H. / Winkler, Anne E.
2014 Institution Formation and Cooperation with Heterogeneous AgentsKube, Sebastian / Schaube, Sebastian / Schildberg-Hörisch, Hannah / Khachatryan, Elina
2014 Sufficient Statistic or Not? The Elasticity of Taxable Income in the Presence of Deduction PossibilitiesDoerrenberg, Philipp / Peichl, Andreas / Siegloch, Sebastian
2014 Trends in the Intergenerational Transmission of Education among Black South AfricansMagejo, Prudence / Benhura, Miracle / Gwatidzo, Tendai
2014 Voluntary Contributions to the Establishment and Operation of Public Goods: Theory and Experimental EvidenceArbel, Yuval / Bar-El, Ronen / Schwarz, Mordechai E. / Tobol, Yossi
2014 Ethnic Identity and WorkConstant, Amelie F.
2014 Recovering Ex Ante Returns and Preferences for Occupations using Subjective Expectations DataArcidiacono, Peter / Hotz, V. Joseph / Maurel, Arnaud / Romano, Teresa
2014 Measurement Error in Subjective Expectations and the Empirical Content of Economic ModelsDrerup, Tilman / Enke, Benjamin / von Gaudecker, Hans-Martin
2014 Workplace Democracy and Job FlowsAlves, Guillermo / Burdín, Gabriel / Dean, Andres
2014 Does Public Education Expansion Lead to Trickle-Down Growth?Böhm, Sebastian / Grossmann, Volker / Steger, Thomas M.
2014 Earnings and Employment in Foreign-Owned FirmsMaré, Dave C. / Sanderson, Lynda / Fabling, Richard
2014 The Labor Supply of Self-Employed Workers: The Choice of Working Hours in Worker Co-opsPencavel, John
2014 Length of Stay in the Host Country and Educational Achievement of Immigrant Students: The Italian CaseDi Liberto, Adriana
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