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DateTitle Authors
2014 Universal Basic Income versus Unemployment InsuranceFabre, Alice / Pallage, Stéphane / Zimmermann, Christian
2014 Human Capital and Optimal RedistributionKoeniger, Winfried / Prat, Julien
2014 Two-way Causation in Life Satisfaction Research: Structural Equation Models with Granger-CausationHeadey, Bruce / Muffels, Ruud
2014 Estimating Mis-reporting in Dyadic Data: Are Transfers Mutually Beneficial?Comola, Margherita / Fafchamps, Marcel
2014 Measuring Heterogeneity in Job Finding Rates Among the Nonemployed Using Labor Force Status HistoriesKudlyak, Marianna / Lange, Fabian
2014 Mapping 'Information Economy' Businesses with Big Data: Findings for the UKNathan, Max / Rosso, Anna / Bouet, Francois
2014 Robust Linear Static Panel Data Models Using ε-ContaminationBaltagi, Badi H. / Bresson, Georges / Chaturvedi, Anoop / Lacroix, Guy
2014 Ageing in a Long-term Regeneration Neighbourhood: A Disruptive Experience or Successful Ageing in Place?Kleinhans, Reinout / Veldboer, Lex / Jansen, Sylvia / van Ham, Maarten
2014 Making Aid Work: Governance and DecentralizationEpstein, Gil S. / Gang, Ira N.
2014 The Continued Search for the Solow Residual: The Role of National Entrepreneurial EcosystemAcs, Zoltan J. / Estrin, Saul / Mickiewicz, Tomasz / Szerb, László
2014 From Riches to Rags, and Back? Institutional Change, Financial Development and Economic Growth in Argentina since the 1890sCampos, Nauro F. / Karanasos, Menelaos G. / Tan, Bin
2014 How Darwinian Should an Economy Be?Saint-Paul, Gilles
2014 Adaptation to Poverty in Long-Run Panel DataClark, Andrew E. / D'Ambrosio, Conchita / Ghislandi, Simone
2014 Individual Survival Curves Comparing Subjective and Observed Mortality RisksBissonnette, Luc / Hurd, Michael D. / Michaud, Pierre-Carl
2014 Do Women Earn Less Even as Social Entrepreneurs?Estrin, Saul / Stephan, Ute / Vujić, Sunčica
2014 Do Entrepreneurs Really Earn Less?Sorgner, Alina / Fritsch, Michael / Kritikos, Alexander S.
2014 Policy Variation, Labor Supply Elasticities, and a Structural Model of RetirementManoli, Dayanand / Mullen, Kathleen / Wagner, Mathis
2014 Seasonal Credit Constraints and Agricultural Labor Supply: Evidence from ZambiaFink, Günther / Jack, Kelsey / Masiye, Felix
2014 Employment Cyclicality and Firm QualityKahn, Lisa B. / McEntarfer, Erika
2014 All-Star or Benchwarmer? Relative Age, Cohort Size and Career Success in the NHLBryson, Alex / Gomez, Rafael / Zhang, Tingting
2014 Labor Market Careers Before and After IncarcerationKollo, Janos / Czafit, Bence
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