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DateTitle Authors
2010 Currency wars?Gros, Daniel
2010 Evidence on paid sick leave: Observations in times of crisisScheil-Adlung, Xenia / Sandner, Lydia
2010 Drivers and impediments for innovation in EuropeBianchi, Annaflavia / Pini, Paolo / Djellal, Faridah / Gallouj, Faïz / Roth, Felix / Dewatripont, Mathias / Sapir, André / van Pottelsberghe de la Potterie, Bruno / Veugelers, Reinhilde / Blind, Knut / Georghiou, Luke
2010 Reforming regulation and supervision in Europe: Five missing lessons from the financial crisisMasciandaro, Donato
2010 Municipalities and regions in locational competition: New economic considerationsDöring, Thomas / Knappitsch, Eithne / Aigner, Birgit
2010 EU enlargement and labour demand in the New Member StatesLo Turco, Alessia / Parteka, Aleksandra
2010 Lisbon, Europe 2020, and the case for soft coordination in EU policymakingRosenbaum, Eckehard
2010 EU trade and investment policymaking after the Lisbon treatyWoolcock, Stephan
2010 An ungovernable anarchy: The United States' response to depression and default, 1837 - 1848Roberts, Alasdair
2010 The impact of the financial crisis on the real economyvan Ark, Bart / Biggs, Michael / Mayer, Thomas / Gros, Daniel / Alcidi, Cinzia
2010 Growth crisis in the EU: Challenges and prospectsHalmai, Péter / Vásáry, Viktória
2010 Copenhagen and the consequencesMichaelowa, Axel
2010 Eight months later - has the eurozone been stabilised or will EMU fall apart?Lachman, Desmond / Schelkle, Waltraud / Mabbett, Deborah / Gros, Daniel / De Grauwe, Paul / Kösters, Wim
2010 Financial market crisis and financial market channelBraasch, Bernd
2010 The Airbus-Boeing dispute: Implications of the WTO Boeing decisionWittig, Stephan
2010 WTO dispute settlement proceedings: European support for Airbus in the spotlightMaennig, Wolfgang / Wittig, Stephan
2010 Cutting wages and employment in the public sector: Smarter fiscal consolidation strategies neededGlassner, Vera / Watt, Andrew
2009 Forces of inequality? The impact of technology and globalisationNascia, Leopoldo / Pianta, Mario
2009 Inequality in emerging countries: Trends, interpretations, and implications for development and poverty reductionKlasen, Stephan
2009 A long and thorny road: Regulatory cooperation under the framework for advancing transatlantic economic integrationMildner, Stormy / Ziegler, Oliver
2009 Are trade unions a force for greater equality in Europe or the champions of privileged insiders?Watt, Andrew / O'Farrell, Rory
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