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DateTitle Authors
2009 Preventing recession in Europe: National vs. European approachesSchmieding, Holger / Gros, Daniel / Boeri, Tito / Belke, Ansgar
2009 Economic and social turbulence in Greece: The product markets are a no-brainer, the labour market is notMitsopoulos, Michael / Pelagidis, Theodore
2009 Strengthening the resilience of an economy: Enlarging the menu of stabilisation policy to prevent another crisisAiginger, Karl
2009 Is the growth of inequality a lasting or transitory feature of the contemporary process of globalisation? A political economy perspectivePetit, Pascal
2009 The effect of the financial crisis on systemic trustRoth, Felix
2009 Common euro bonds: Necessary, wise or to be avoided?De Grauwe, Paul / Moesen, Wim / Kösters, Wim / Mayer, Thomas
2009 Of markets, products and prices: The effects of the euro on European firmsFontagné, Lionel / Mayer, Thierry / Ottaviano, Gianmarco I. P.
2009 IntroductionRoth, Felix
2009 When family beats welfare: Background effects in EU15 country clustersRaitano, Michele
2009 Incentives for investments in next generation access and customer choice: A dichotomy?Ruhle, Ernst-Olav / Reichl, Wolfgang
2009 Ten years EMU: Reality test for the OCA endogeneity hypothesis, economic divergences and future challengesMatthes, Jürgen
2009 Financial crisis and information gaps: Comments on a proposal by Otmar Issing and Jan Pieter KrahnenBraasch, Bernd
2009 The evolution and convergence of OECD tax systemsBecker, Johannes / Elsayyad, May
2009 EU competition policy: Article 82 EC and the notion of substantial part of the common marketDavison, Leigh M.
2009 Fiscal policy and the recession: The case of GreeceAthanassiou, Ersi
2009 Revenue windfalls and expenditure slippages: Disappointing implementation of the reformed stability and growth pactLemmer, Astrid / Stegarescu, Dan
2009 The economic and social impact of telecommunications output: A theoretical framework and empirical evidence for SpainKatz, Raul L.
2009 Economic crises in the thirties and todayBuchheim, Christoph
2009 Bad Bank(s) and the recapitalisation of the banking sectorSchäfer, Dorothea / Zimmermann, Klaus F.
2009 The hottest topic of the budgetary review: Will the CAP survive?Elekes, Andrea / Halmai, Péter
2009 Globalisation, trade, and growth: A macroeconomic perspectiveBräuninger, Michael / Vöpel, Henning
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