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DateTitle Authors
1998 An economic analysis of the East Asia crisisAschinger, Gerhard
1998 Financing EU cohesion policy in Central and Eastern Europe: A budgetary timebomb?Martin, Reiner
1998 The economic and currency crisis in South-East Asia: Was it really so unexpected?Cieleback, Marcus
1999 EMU calls for comprehensive labour market reformDohse, Dirk / Krieger-Boden, Christiane / Soltwedel, Rüdiger
1999 EU widening to the East: must Latin America be concerned?Nunnenkamp, Peter
1999 Europe and the crisis: safe haven or menace to global recovery?Nunnenkamp, Peter
1999 From dollarisation to euroisation: the future of the euro as an international substitution currencyMüller, Henrik
1999 The economics of enlarging the European Union: policy reform versus transfersNicolaïdes, Phedon
1999 The euro - cause for concern?Scharrer, Hans-Eckart
1999 World economic situation remains precariousWeinert, Günter
1999 Evaluating development co-operation: The German caseBorrmann, Axel
1999 Overcoming the Russian transformation crisisWelfens, Paul J. J.
1999 Transatlantic irritationsKoopmann, Georg
1999 Are we living at the expense of the developing countries?Pfister, Gerhard
1999 Convertibility of the rouble - monetary integration of the Russian FederationLenz, Rainer
1999 IMF reform: sticking to the essentialsHolthus, Manfred
1999 How important is foreign direct investment for late industrialising countries?Burger, Bettina
1999 Is Vietnam the youngest goose in Japan's flight formation?Goydke, Tim
1999 The Asian crisis, the IMF and Dr MahathirVisser, Hans / ter Wengel, Jan
1999 Financial liberalization and money demand in Peru: Implications for monetary policyBlevins, Christopher / Vagassky, Laurence / Wong, José Carlos
1999 Slow recovery in world tradeCrinius, Wolfgang / Weinert, Günter
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