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DateTitle Authors
1998 A politico-economic view of the debt-servicing capacity of emerging economiesBäcker, Arno
1998 The euro's place in the world monetary systemMüller, Henrik / Straubhaar, Thomas
1998 Sovereign credit ratings, emerging market risk and financial market volatilityReisen, Helmut / von Maltzan, Julia
1998 Currency board and crawling peg: Combining the technical and political sustainability of exchange rate based stabilizationJochem, Axel
1998 Environmental policy and the inward investment position of US 'dirty' industriesAlbrecht, Johan
1998 Facing the Euro: Prospects for growth or stagnation?Welfens, Paul J. J.
1998 Asymmetric shocks and EMU: Is there a need for a stability fund?Belke, Ansgar / Gros, Daniel
1998 Commodity prices continue to fallMatthies, Klaus
1998 The role of member states as rule-makers in the European UnionNicolaïdes, Phedon
1998 The explanatory value of neo-institutionalism: Some examples from development financingZattler, Bernd A.
1998 Globalisation and the competitiveness of regional blocsFischer, Bernhard
1998 The East Asian model and the Baltic statesViksnins, George J.
1998 North Atlantic trade and investment links: For internal and external opennessKoopmann, Georg
1998 Budget surpluses and social security reform: US fiscal policy issues in 1998Walliser, Jan
1998 Eastward enlargement: Benefits and costs of EU entry for the transition countriesBauer, Patricia
1998 Goals, decision-making mechanisms and instruments in the Japanese-American trade conflictSchnabl, Gunther / Gurbaxani, Indira
1998 Aid and the real exchange rate: Dutch disease effects in African countriesAdenauer, Isabell / Vagassky, Laurence
1998 Tasks Facing the EMU ElevenScharrer, Hans-Eckart
1998 Partial privatisation: The caveats and experiencesJasiński, Piotr
1998 Problems of international labour cost comparisonsHinze, Jörg
1998 An economic analysis of the East Asia crisisAschinger, Gerhard
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