Intereconomics - Review of European Economic Policy

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2015 Bringing inequality back inBoushey, Heather
2015 Will the politics or economics of deflation prove more harmful?Blyth, Mark
2015 The end of austerity?Monastiriotis, Vassilis
2015 The impact of Horizon 2020 on innovation in EuropeVeugelers, Reinhilde; Cincera, Michele; Frietsch, Rainer; Rammer, Christian; Schubert, Torben; Pelle, Anita; Renda, Andrea; Montalvo, Carlos; Leijten, Jos
2015 Which industrial policy does Europe need?Mazzucato, Mariana; Cimoli, Mario; Dosi, Giovanni; Stiglitz, Joseph E.; Landesmann, Michael A.; Pianta, Mario; Walz, Rainer; Page, Tim
2015 Economic growth and convergence in the Baltic states: Caught in a middle-income trap?Staehr, Karsten
2015 How to turn the Greek deal into a successDullien, Sebastian
2015 Income inequality, credit and public support for redistributionKus, Basak; Fan, Wen
2015 Towards a European refugee policyStraubhaar, Thomas
2015 Despite pressure from Washington, Greek bailout increases Grexit oddsWeisbrot, Mark
2015 TTIP: Political and economic rationale and implicationsPelkmans, Jacques; Lee, Thea M.; Mustilli, Federica; Cernat, Lucian; Norman-López, Ana; Tucci, Alessandra; Goyens, Monique; Auffret, Léa; Kolev, Galina V.; Matthes, Jürgen
2015 Why this time is different for UkraineBerglof, Erik
2015 Currency interventions: Effective policy tool or shortsighted gamble?Pilbeam, Keith; Bris, Arturo; Alcidi, Cinzia; Barslund, Mikkel; De Groen, Willem Pieter; Gros, Daniel
2015 Closing the gender pay gap in the EURubery, Jill
2014 Energy policy: European, national, regional?Strunz, Sebastian; Gawel, Erik; Lehmann, Paul; Ribera, Teresa; Rüdinger, Andreas; Boscheck, Ralf; Egenhofer, Christian; de Jong, Jacques
2014 Designing a European unemployment insurance schemeAndor, László; Dullien, Sebastian; Jara, H. Xavier; Sutherland, Holly; Gros, Daniel; Belke, Ansgar
2014 Crisis-induced fiscal restructuring in EuropeAlcidi, Cinzia; Gros, Daniel; Giovannini, Alessandro; Vogel, Lukas; Belke, Ansgar; Callan, Tim; Keane, Claire; Savage, Michael; Walsh, John R.; Colgan, Brian
2014 In the name of the euro: What have the EU's policies achieved in Greece?Kyriakopoulos, Irene
2014 Conflicts in substance and style in European monetary policyHefeker, Carsten
2014 The European investment crisisRevoltella, Debora
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 3846