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DateTitle Authors
2009 Forces of inequality? The impact of technology and globalisationNascia, Leopoldo / Pianta, Mario
2009 Inequality in emerging countries: Trends, interpretations, and implications for development and poverty reductionKlasen, Stephan
2009 A long and thorny road: Regulatory cooperation under the framework for advancing transatlantic economic integrationMildner, Stormy / Ziegler, Oliver
2009 Are trade unions a force for greater equality in Europe or the champions of privileged insiders?Watt, Andrew / O'Farrell, Rory
2009 Working for little money: Does Germany really need a minimum wage?Bosch, Gerhard / Weinkopf, Claudia
2009 The impact of banking behaviour on monetary strategy in EuropeBorchert, Manfred
2009 The Pittsburgh G20 summitAngeloni, Ignazio
2009 Lisbon treaty - Karlsruhe rulesBest, Edward
2009 Current account deficits in the new member states: Causes and consequencesSchelburne, Robert C.
2009 Monetary policy and commodity price shocksTober, Silke / Zimmermann, Tobias
2009 Service offshoring: Is Europe different?Werner, Welf
2009 Impact of the economic crisis on climate changeConvery, Frank J.
2009 Murky Protectionism in Europe: How should binding rules be evaluated in tough times?Evenett, Simon J.
2009 Fiscal stimulus and its effects in the European UnionBenczes, István
2009 The EU's new competition policy standards: In search of effects-based, economically intuitive or efficient rules?Boscheck, Ralf
2009 The cyclical impact of EU cohesion policy in fast growing EU countriesKamps, Christophe / Leiner-Killinger, Nadine / Martin, Reiner
2009 The reform of the EU budget: Finding new own resourcesAlves, Rui Henrique / Afonso, Oscar
2009 Why Europe needs a policy on inequalityFranzini, Maurizio
2009 Why Europe will suffer moreGros, Daniel / Alcidi, Cinzia
2009 Cracks in Euroland and no way outFlassbeck, Heiner / Spiecker, Friederike
2009 Preventing recession in Europe: National vs. European approachesSchmieding, Holger / Gros, Daniel / Boeri, Tito / Belke, Ansgar
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