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DateTitle Authors
2015 TTIP: Political and economic rationale and implicationsPelkmans, Jacques / Lee, Thea M. / Mustilli, Federica / Cernat, Lucian / Norman-López, Ana / Tucci, Alessandra / Goyens, Monique / Auffret, Léa / Kolev, Galina V. / Matthes, Jürgen
2015 Economic growth and convergence in the Baltic states: Caught in a middle-income trap?Staehr, Karsten
2015 Towards a European refugee policyStraubhaar, Thomas
2015 Despite pressure from Washington, Greek bailout increases Grexit oddsWeisbrot, Mark
2015 Income inequality, credit and public support for redistributionKus, Basak / Fan, Wen
2015 How to turn the Greek deal into a successDullien, Sebastian
2015 Which industrial policy does Europe need?Mazzucato, Mariana / Cimoli, Mario / Dosi, Giovanni / Stiglitz, Joseph E. / Landesmann, Michael A. / Pianta, Mario / Walz, Rainer / Page, Tim
2015 Why this time is different for UkraineBerglof, Erik
2015 Will the politics or economics of deflation prove more harmful?Blyth, Mark
2015 Currency interventions: Effective policy tool or shortsighted gamble?Pilbeam, Keith / Bris, Arturo / Alcidi, Cinzia / Barslund, Mikkel / De Groen, Willem Pieter / Gros, Daniel
2015 Closing the gender pay gap in the EURubery, Jill
2015 Bringing inequality back inBoushey, Heather
2015 The impact of Horizon 2020 on innovation in EuropeVeugelers, Reinhilde / Cincera, Michele / Frietsch, Rainer / Rammer, Christian / Schubert, Torben / Pelle, Anita / Renda, Andrea / Montalvo, Carlos / Leijten, Jos
2015 The end of austerity?Monastiriotis, Vassilis
2014 Crisis-induced fiscal restructuring in EuropeAlcidi, Cinzia / Gros, Daniel / Giovannini, Alessandro / Vogel, Lukas / Belke, Ansgar / Callan, Tim / Keane, Claire / Savage, Michael / Walsh, John R. / Colgan, Brian
2014 Conflicts in substance and style in European monetary policyHefeker, Carsten
2014 In the name of the euro: What have the EU's policies achieved in Greece?Kyriakopoulos, Irene
2014 Wealthification in the United States and EuropeWest, Darrell M.
2014 Energy policy: European, national, regional?Strunz, Sebastian / Gawel, Erik / Lehmann, Paul / Ribera, Teresa / Rüdinger, Andreas / Boscheck, Ralf / Egenhofer, Christian / de Jong, Jacques
2014 The great devolution of powers bazaarBlockmans, Steven
2014 The European investment crisisRevoltella, Debora
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