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DateTitle Authors
2011 Advertising, welfare economics and ethicsSteedman, Ian
2011 Competition as an ambiguous discovery procedure: A reappraisal of Hayek's epistemic market liberalismWitt, Ulrich
2011 The structure of happiness: A vector autoregressive approachBinder, Martin / Ward, Felix
2011 Towards an incentive salience model of intertemporal choiceLades, Leonhard K.
2011 Explaining the (non-) causality between energy and economic growth in the US: A multivariate sectoral analysisGross, Christian
2011 Social dilemmas, time preferences and technology adoption in a commons problemJoosten, Reinoud
2011 Back to Engel? Some evidence for the hierarchy of needsChai, Andreas / Moneta, Alessio
2011 Darwinian paradigm, cultural evolution and human purposes: On F.A. Hayek's evolutionary view of the marketVanberg, Viktor J.
2011 Evolution and complexity in economics revisitedDopfer, Kurt
2011 Herr Schumpeter and the classicsSteedman, Ian / Metcalfe, Stan
2010 Stochastic games with endogenous transitionsJoosten, Reinoud / Meijboom, Robin
2010 Will imitators follow pioneer consumers in the adoption of solar thermal systems? Empirical evidence for North-West GermanyWörsdorfer, Julia Sophie / Kaus, Wolfhard
2010 Structural change and business cycles: An evolutionary approachLorentz, André / Savona, Maria
2010 On the evolution of organizational governmentCongleton, Roger D.
2010 Role models that make you unhappy: Light paternalism, social learning and welfareCordes, Christian / Schubert, Christian
2010 Heterogeneous economic evolution: A different view on Darwinizing evolutionary economicsVromen, Jack
2010 Like milk or wine: Does firm performance improve with age?Coad, Alex / Segarra, Agusti / Teruel, Mercedes
2010 What causes obesity? And why has it grown so much? An alternative viewTomer, John F.
2010 Life satisfaction and self-employment: A matching approachBinder, Martin / Coad, Alex
2010 Going beyond average Joe's Happiness: Using quantile regressions to analyze the full subjective well-being distributionBinder, Martin / Coad, Alex
2010 Consumer needs and their satiation properties as drivers of the rebound effect: The case of energy-efficient washing machinesWörsdorfer, Julia Sophie
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