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DateTitle Authors
2009 Well-being, preference formation and the danger of paternalismQizilbash, Mozaffar
2009 Is novelty always a good thing? Towards an evolutionary welfare economicsSchubert, Christian
2009 Emergence and functionality of organizational routines: An individualistic approachWitt, Ulrich
2009 Tracing the motivation to innovate: A study of grassroot innovators in IndiaBhaduri, Saradindu / Kumar, Hemant
2009 Evolving preferences and policy advice in democratic societyVanberg, Viktor J.
2009 Skill-relatedness and firm diversificationNeffke, Frank / Henning, Martin Svensson
2009 Pioneer burnout: Radical product innovation and firm capabilitiesGuenther, Christina
2009 Technology and economic theoryMetcalfe, Stan
2009 Creative destruction and fiscal institutions: A long-run case study of three regionsSchnellenbach, Jan / Baskaran, Thushyanthan / Feld, Lars P.
2009 Not invented here: Technology licensing, knowledge transfer and innovation based on public researchBuenstorf, Guido / Geissler, Matthias
2009 Evolutionary policyvan den Bergh, Jeroen C.J.M. / Kallis, Giorgos
2009 Recent developments in evolutionary biology and their relevance for evolutionary economicsKnottenbauer, Karin
2009 Darwinism in economics and the evolutionary theory of policy-makingSchubert, Christian
2009 An examination of the dynamics of happiness using vector autoregressionsBinder, Martin / Coad, Alex
2009 Evolutionary micro-founded technical change and the Kaldor-Verdoorn Law: Estimates from an artificial worldLorentz, André
2009 How corporate cultures coevolve with the business environment: The case of firm growth crises and industry evolutionCordes, Christian / Richerson, Peter J. / Schwesinger, Georg
2009 Learning how to consume and returns to product promotionBabutsidze, Zakaria
2009 Welfare creation and destruction in a Schumpeterian worldSchubert, Christian
2008 Constitutional interests in the face of innovations: How much do we need to know about risk preferences?Witt, Ulrich / Schubert, Christian
2008 From status-seeking consumption to social norms: An application to the consumption of cleanlinessWoersdorfer, Julia Sophie
2008 How to generalize Darwinism suitably to help understand both the evolution and the development of economiesPelikan, Pavel
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