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DateTitle Authors
2005 International networks of knowledge flows: an econometric analysisMaggioni, Mario A. / Uberti, Teodora Erika
2005 A stochastic theory of geographic concentration and the empirical evidence in GermanyBrenner, Thomas
2005 Entrepreneurship, evolution and the human mindLoasby, Brian J.
2006 Perception and pursuit of entrepreneurial opportunities: an evolutionary economics perspectiveBuenstorf, Guido
2006 The regional dimension of knowledge transfers: a behavioral approachBroekel, Tom / Binder, Martin
2006 Moral fictionalism, preference moralization and anti-conservatism: why metaethical error theory doesn't imply policy quietismRoss, Don
2006 B2C - bubble to cluster: the boom, spin-off entrepreneurship, and regional industry evolutionBuenstorf, Guido / Fornahl, Dirk
2006 The origins of meso economics: Schumpeter's legacyDopfer, Kurt
2006 On the divergence of research paths in evolutionary economics: a comprehensive bibliometric accountSilva, Sandra Tavares / Teixeira, Aurora A. C.
2006 Long-term implications of local industrial clustersBrenner, Thomas / Gildner, Andreas
2006 Evolutionary economics and psychologyWitt, Ulrich
2006 A practical guide to inference in simulation modelsBrenner, Thomas / Werker, Claudia
2006 Vertical integration and dis-integration of computer firms: a history friendly model of the co-evolution of the computer and semiconductor industriesMalerba, Franco / Nelson, Richard / Orsenigo, Luigi / Winter, Sidney G.
2006 Evolutionary economicsWitt, Ulrich
2006 Rationality, rule-following and emotions: on the economics of moral preferencesVanberg, Viktor J.
2006 Is academic entrepreneurship good or bad for science? Empirical evidence from the Max Planck SocietyBuenstorf, Guido
2006 Charles Darwin meets Amoeba economicus: why natural selection cannot explain rationalityKhalil, Elias L.
2006 Comparative industrial evolution and the quest for an evolutionary theory of market dynamicsBuenstorf, Guido
2006 Continuous market growth beyond functional satiation: time-series analyses of US footwear consumption, 1955-2002Frenzel Baudisch, Alexander
2006 The origins of fair playBinmore, Ken
2006 Consumer heterogeneity evolving from social group dynamics: latent class analyses of German footwear consumption 1980-1991Frenzel Baudisch, Alexander
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