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DateTitle Authors
2003 Ernst Abbe's Scientific Management: Theoretical Insights from a 19th Century Dynamic Capabilities ApproachBuenstorf, Guido / Murmann, Johann Peter
2004 The Origin and Location of Entrants in the Evolution of the U.S. Tire IndustryBuenstorf, Guido / Klepper, Steven
2004 The autocatalytic character of the growth of production knowledge: What role does human labor play?Brenner, Thomas / Cordes, Christian
2004 Accounting for Evolution: An Assessment of the Population MethodMetcalfe, John S.
2004 Strategic Interaction and Externalities: FD-games and pollution.Joosten, Reinoud
2004 Economic Systems of OECD Nations: Impact and EvolutionPryor, Frederic L.
2004 Empirical Calibration of Simulation ModelsWerker, Claudia / Brenner, Thomas
2005 Toward a Naturalistic Foundation of the Social ContractCordes, Christian / Schubert, Christian
2005 How Useful Is Universal Darwinism as a Framework to Study Competition and Industrial Evolution?Buenstorf, Guido
2005 Hayek Reads the Literature on the Emergence of NormsAndreozzi, Luciano
2005 Knowledge-based Entrepreneurship: The Organizational Side of Technology CommercializationWitt, Ulrich / Zellner, Christian
2005 New Firms Evolving in the Knowledge Economy; problems and solutions around turning pointsStam, Erik / Garnsey, Elizabeth
2005 A small Fish War: an example with frequency-dependent stage payoffsJoosten, Reinoud
2005 Evolution on the shoulders of giants: entrepreneurship and firm survival in the German laser industryBuenstorf, Guido
2005 Science, social networks and spilloversSorenson, Olav / Singh, Jasjit / Fleming, Lee
2005 Economists on Darwin's theory of social evolution and human behaviourMarciano, Alain
2005 The regional industry-size distribution: an analysis of all types of industries in GermanyBrenner, Thomas
2005 Heritage and agglomeration: the Akron tire cluster revisitedBuenstorf, Guido / Klepper, Steven
2005 Replicating organizational knowledge: principles or templates?Baden-Fuller, Charles / Winter, Sidney G.
2005 A note on the principle of normative individualism”Schubert, Christian
2005 Microeconomic foundations for macroeconomic structureDay, Richard
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