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DateTitle Authors
2009 Well-being, preference formation and the danger of paternalismQizilbash, Mozaffar
2009 Submarket dynamics and innovation: The case of the US tire industryBuenstorf, Guido / Klepper, Steven
2009 Welfare notions for soft paternalismGrüne-Yanoff, Till
2009 Entrepreneurship, evolution and geographyStam, Erik
2009 Paul Samuelson's critique and equilibrium concepts in evolutionary game theoryJoosten, Reinoud
2009 More or better? Measuring quality versus quantity in food consumptionManig, Corinna / Moneta, Alessio
2009 Investigating the exponential age distribution of firmsCoad, Alex
2010 Conspicuous consumption and race: Evidence from South AfricaKaus, Wolfhard
2010 Firm growth: Empirical analysisCoad, Alex / Hölzl, Werner
2010 A philosophical perspective on contemporary evolutionary economicsHodgson, Geoffrey M.
2010 General purpose technologies and the Industrial RevolutionDudley, Leonard
2010 Environmental and climate innovation: Limitations, prices and policiesvan den Bergh, Jeroen C. J. M.
2010 Economic behavior: Evolutionary vs. behavioral perspectivesWitt, Ulrich
2010 Extending the informational basis of welfare economics: The case of preference dynamicsWitt, Ulrich / Schubert, Christian
2010 Can Darwinism be 'generalized' and of what use would this be?Levit, Georgy S. / Hossfeld, Uwe / Witt, Ulrich
2010 Is it ever enough? Food consumption, satiation and obesityManig, Corinna
2010 Consumer specialization and the Romantic transformation of the British Grand Tour of EuropeChai, Andreas
2010 The firm as a Darwin machine: How Generalized Darwinism can further the development of an evolutionary theory of economic growthStoelhorst, J. W.
2010 Disentangling the circularity in sen's capability approach: An analysis of the co-evolution of functioning achievement and resourcesBinder, Martin / Coad, Alex
2010 Inter-firm rivalry and firm growth: Is there any evidence of direct competition between firms?Coad, Alex / Teruel, Mercedes
2010 Consumer needs and their satiation properties as drivers of the rebound effect: The case of energy-efficient washing machinesWörsdorfer, Julia Sophie
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