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Proceedings of the German Development Economics Conference, 2010 (Hannover)

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DateTitle Authors
2012 Local Financial Development and Household Welfare: Microevidence from Thai HouseholdsGloede, Oliver / Rungruxsirivorn, Ornsiri
2010 Building Functional Adult Literacy and Numeracy with Mobile Phones: Can you Text me Now?Aker, Jenny C. / Ksoll, Christopher / Lybbert, Travis J.
2010 The Canola Oil Industry and EU Trade Integration: A Gravity Model ApproachRöttgers, Dirk / Faße, Anja / Grote, Ulrike
2010 FDI liberalization, firm heterogeneity and foreign ownership: German firm decisions in reforming IndiaGörg, Holger / Mühlen, Henning / Nunnenkamp, Peter
2010 Foreign Currency Loans - Demand or Supply Driven?Brown, Martin / Kirschenmann, Karolin / Ongena, Steven
2010 How to Tackle the Gulf of Aden BuccaneersCalahorrano, Lena / an de Meulen, Philipp
2010 Expenditure Patterns of Migrant Households: Evidence from MoldovaPoppe, Robert
2010 Contract Enforcement by the GodsSchumacher, Heiner / Hadnes, Myriam
2010 Heterogeneous Motivations of Household - Level Coca Growing Areas: The Case of an Indigenous Community in PeruGarcίa-Yi, Jaqueline
2010 The Fertility Transition Around the World - 1950-2005Strulik, Holger / Vollmer, Sebastian
2010 Capital market imperfections, uncertainty or both: Evidence on economic constraints to informal enterprises in Sub-Saharan AfricaGrimm, Michael / Krüger, Jens / Lay, Jann
2010 “Stay with Us”? The Impact of Emigration on Wages in HondurasGagnon, Jason
2010 Subjective Well Being and the Impact of Climate ChangeGrün, Carola / Grunewald, Nicole
2010 Improving on Africa's roads - Modeling infrastructure investment and its effect on subsistence agricultureSchürenberg-Frosch, Hannah
2010 Financial Development and Household Welfare: Microevidence from Thai HouseholdsGloede, Oliver / Rungruxsirivorn, Ornsiri
2010 Paper Tigers, Fences-&-Fines or Co-Management? Community conservation agreements in Indonesia's Lore Lindu National ParkEngel, Stefanie / Palmer, Charles / Pfaff, Alex
2010 Mode of Entry and ExpropriationDadasov, Ramin / Lorz, Jens Oliver
2010 Towards Comparative and Aggregate Vulnerability: An Analysis of Welfare Distributions in Rural Provinces in Thailand and VietnamHardeweg, Bernd / Wagener, Andreas / Waibel, Hermann
2010 Dynamic Effects of Foreign Direct Investment When Credit Markets are ImperfectGall, Thomas / Schiffbauer, Marc / Kubny, Julia
2010 The Good, the Bad, and the Ordinary: Anti-Social Behavior in Profit and Non-Profit OrganizationsAuriol, Emmanuelle / Brilon, Stefanie
2010 Productivity growth, human capital and distance to frontier in Sub-Saharan AfricaDanquah, Michael / Ouattara, Osman / Speight, Alan
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