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Proceedings of the German Development Economics Conference, 2010 (Hannover)

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DateTitle Authors
2010 How Do Rural Households Cope With Shocks? Evidence from Northeast ThailandTongruksawattana, Songporne / Waibel, Hermann / Schmidt, Erich
2010 The Golden Halo and Political TransitionsAidt, Toke / Albornoz, Facundo / Gassebner, Martin
2010 Will microfinance continue to evolve into a mainstream asset class? Indications in favor and againstKirchstein, Katja / Welvers, Kathleen
2010 The Physiological Foundations of the Wealth of NationsDalgaard, Carl-Johan / Strulik, Holger
2010 What is Happening with the Government Expenditure of Developing Countries - A Panel Data StudyShonchoy, Abu
2010 Why we should all care about social institutions related to gender inequalityBranisa, Boris / Klasen, Stephan / Ziegler, Maria
2010 Economic Causes of Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon: A Panel Data Analysis for 2000sda Silva, Jorge Hargrave Gonçalves / Kis-Katos, Krisztina
2010 Aid Allocation through Various Official and Private Channels: Need, Merit and Self-Interest as Motives of German DonorsNunnenkamp, Peter / Öhler, Hannes
2010 Cell Phones and Rural Labor Markets: Evidence from South AfricaKlonner, Stefan / Nolen, Patrick J.
2010 Foreign Firms: Powerful or Persecuted?Aisbett, Emma
2010 Does Foreign Aid Improve Governance?Busse, Matthias / Groening, Steffen
2010 Are 'New' Donors Different? Comparing the Allocation of Bilateral Aid between Non-DAC and DAC Donor CountriesDreher, Axel / Nunnenkamp, Peter / Thiele, Rainer
2010 Informal Economy Activities and Entrepreneurship in RussiaKim, Byung-Yeon
2010 Land reform and the formalization of household credit in rural VietnamKemper, Niels / Klump, Rainer
2010 Electoral Control under Decentralization: Decentralization as unbundling of public goods provision.Farfan-Vallespin, Antonio
2010 The Institutional Basis of Gender InequalityBranisa, Boris / Ziegler, Maria / Klasen, Stephan
2010 The Economic Benefits of giving Aid in terms of Donors ExportsMartínez-Zarzoso, Inmaculada / Nowak-Lehmann D., Felicitas / Klasen, Stephan
2010 The effects of financial development on income inequality and povertyKappel, Vivien
2010 Ethanol Production, Food and ForestsAndrade de Sa, Saraly / Palmer, Charles / Engel, Stefanie
2010 The Gender Inequalities Index (GII) as a New Way to Understand Gender Inequality Issues in Developing CountriesFerrant, Gaëlle
2010 The dynamics in requested and granted loan terms when bank and borrower interact repeatedlyKirschenmann, Karolin
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