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Proceedings of the German Development Economics Conference, 2009 (Frankfurt a.M.)

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DateTitle Authors
2008 Health Programme Evaluation by Propensity Score Matching: Accounting for Treatment Intensity and Health Externalities with an Application to BrazilMoreno-Serra, Rodrigo
2009 Financial Fragmentation despite ArbitrageKlonner, Stefan / Rai, Ashok S.
2009 Foreign Direct Investment and Regional Growth in ChinaHuang, Shuo
2009 Growth, Foreign Direct Investment and the Environment: Evidence from Chinese CitiesCole, Matthew A. / Elliott, Robert J.R. / Zhang, Jing
2009 What Determines Firms' Decisions to Formalize? Empirical Evidence from Rural IndonesiaMcCulloch, Neil / Schulze, Günther G. / Voss, Janina
2009 Impact of off-farm income on food security and nutrition in NigeriaBabatunde, Raphael O. / Qaim, Matin
2009 From Riches to Rags, and Back? Explaining the Growth Trajectory of Argentina since the 1890sCampos, Nauro F. / Karanasos, Menelaos G. / Tan, Bin
2009 The role of shocks and risks for the livelihoods of small scale fishing communities of Hadejia-Nguru Wetlands in NigeriaChiwaula, Levison / Waibel, Hermann
2009 Access to versus Use of Loans: What are the True Determinants of Access?Hainz, Christa / Nabokin, Tatjana
2009 Social Safety Nets, Economic Freedom and Public PolicyKaur, Simrit
2009 The impact of school lunches on school enrolment: Evidence from an exogenous policy change in IndiaJayaraman, Rajshri
2009 Land Inequality and Conflict IntensityDe Luca, Giacomo / Sekeris, Petros
2009 Trade Liberalization and Income Distribution: A CGE Model for JordanFeraboli, Omar / Trimborn, Timo
2009 Can Health Foreign Assistance Break the Medical Brain Drain?Moullan, Yasser
2009 Voracity and Growth ReconsideredStrulik, Holger
2009 Diversification, risk management and risk coping strategies: Evidence from rural households in three provinces in VietnamPhung Duc, Tung / Waibel, Hermann
2009 Credit market imperfections, financial market regulation and business cycles in Eastern EuropeDrechsel, Katja / Westermann, Frank
2009 Racial and gender wage differentials in South Africa: What can cohort data tell?Grün, Carola
2009 Could a well-designed customs reforms remove the trade-off between revenue collection and trade facilitation?Raballand, Gael / Marteau, Jean-François / Mjekiqi, Edmond / Cantens, Thomas
2009 Low Malnutrition but High Mortality: Explaining the Paradox of the Lake Victoria RegionPriebe, Jan / Gräb, Johannes
2009 Why Don't Labor and Capital Flow Between Young and Old Countries?an de Meulen, Philipp / Calahorrano, Lena
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