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Proceedings of the German Development Economics Conference, 2008 (Zürich)

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DateTitle Authors
2008 Public participation and willingness to cooperate in common-pool resource management: a field experiment with fishing communities in BrazilCavalcanti, Carina / Schläpfer, Felix / Schmid, Bernhard
2008 Grow rich and clean up later? International assistance and the provision of environmental quality in low- and middle-income countriesRuoff, Gabi
2008 Inflation and Democracy in Former Extractive Colonies Analysis with a New Instrumental VariableMijiyawa, Abdoul
2008 Do IMF and World Bank programs induce government crises An empirical analysisDreher, Axel / Gassebner, Martin
2008 The Effects of DR-CAFTA in Nicaragua A CGE-Microsimulation Model for Poverty and Inequality AnalysisColombo, Giulia
2008 Intra-household Gender Disparities in Childrens Medical Care before Death in IndiaAsfaw, Abay / Klasen, Stephan / Lamanna, Francesca
2008 Aid for War? An Empirical Assessment of Donor Interventions in Civil WarsLechtenfeld, Tobias
2008 Signals of foreign bank entry on real sector FDI and foreign trade and their impact on economic development in the New EU Member StatesRoessl, Petra / Haiss, Peter
2008 Food price inflation and schoolingGrimm, Michael
2008 Income Diversification and Poverty in a Growing Agricultural Economy: The Case of GhanaLay, Jann / Schüler, Dana
2008 Delays in Sovereign Debt Restructurings. Should we really blame the creditors?Trebesch, Christoph
2008 The Role of Poverty and Community Norms in Child Labor and Schooling DecisionsStrulik, Holger
2008 Export Performance and Investment Behaviour of Firms in GhanaSarpong, Daniel Bruce / Wolf, Susanna
2008 Economic Migration, Networks and Human Capital Transferability from the New European Borderlands. A Comparison of Five Eastern European Countries.Danzer, Alexander M. / Dietz, Barbara
2008 The Impact of Aid on Growth an aid disaggregation approachOuattara, Bazoumana / Strobl, Eric
2008 Does migration stimulate human capital investment Theory and evidenceBrücker, Herbert / Defoort, Cécily / Gruen, Carola
2008 Clarifying Poverty DecompositionMüller, Adrian
2008 Evaluating the Impact of Colonialism on Economic Development: A Counterfactual AnalysisKaniyathu, Sunny John
2008 Taxation, Corruption and the Exchange Rate RegimeHefeker, Carsten
2008 Globalization and the environmentKoubi, Vally / Bernauer, Thomas
2008 UN approval of greenhouse gas emission reduction projects in developing countries: The political economy of the CDM Executive BoardFlues, Florens / Michaelowa, Axel / Michaelowa, Katharina
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