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DateTitle Authors
1997 Macroeconomic stabilization with a common currency: Does European Monetary Unification create a need for fiscal insurance of federalism?Kletzer, Kenneth M.
1997 Employment and EMU
1998 Central bank policy in a more perfect financial systemvon Hagen, Jürgen / Fender, Ingo
1998 Estimating a European demand for moneyHayo, Bernd
1998 Exchange rate regimes in the transition economies: Case study of the Czech Republic: 1990-1997Horvath, Julius / Jonas, Jiri
1998 Die Bewertung der 'dauerhaft tragbaren Finanzlage' der EU Mitgliedstaaten beim Übergang zur dritten Stufe der EWWUStrauch, Rolf R.
1998 Fiscal policy and intranational risk-sharingvon Hagen, Jürgen
1998 Designing voluntary environmental agreements in Europe: Some lessons from the U.S. EPA's 33/50 programMaxwell, John W.
1998 Trade with low-wage countries and wage inequalityAhmad, Jaleel
1998 Labour market tax policy in the EMU
1998 Der Wettbewerb der Rechts- und politischen Systeme in der Europäischen UnionSeidel, Martin
1998 Budgeting institutions for aggregate fiscal disciplinevon Hagen, Jürgen
1998 Monetary union, asymmetric productivity shocks and fiscal insurance: An analytic discussion of welfare issuesKletzer, Kenneth M.
1998 The EMU's exchange rate policy
1998 Can taxing foreign competition harm the domestic industry?Lutz, Stefan
1998 Free trade and arms races: Some thoughts regarding EU-Russian tradeReuveny, Rafael / Maxwell, John W.
1998 Money-output Granger causality revisited: An empirical analysis of EU countriesHayo, Bernd
1998 U.S. monetary policy and monetary policy and the ESCBHetzel, Robert L.
1999 The finance-investment link in a transition economy: Evidence for Poland from panel dataWeller, Christian E.
1999 The evolution of monetary policy in transition economiesKutan, Ali M. / Brada, Josef C.
1999 Multinational banks and development financeWeller, Christian E. / Scher, Mark J.
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