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DateTitle Authors
2004 Foreign exchange regime, the real exchange rate and current account sustainability: The case of TurkeyTogan, Sübidey / Ersel, Hasan
2004 Measuring and explaining levels of regional economic integrationPédussel Wu, Jennifer
2004 Exchange rate risk and convergence to the EuroOrlowski, Lucjan T.
2004 Which lender of last resort for the eurosystem?Steiger, Otto
2004 Euro adoption and Maastricht criteria: Rules or discretion?Jonas, Jiri
2004 Fear of floating and fear of pegging: An empirical anaysis of de facto exchange rate regimes in developing countriesZhou, Jizhong / von Hagen, Jürgen
2004 Firm performance and privatization in UkraineGrygorenko, Galyna / Lutz, Stefan
2004 Money rules for the eurozone candidate countriesOrlowski, Lucjan T.
2004 Die neuen Schutzklauseln der Artikel 38 und 39 des Beitrittsvertrages: Schutz der alten Mitgliedstaaten vor Störungen durch die neuen MitgliedstaatenSeidel, Martin
2004 Analyzing trade opening in Ukraine: Effects of a customs union with the EUHarbuzyuk, Oksana / Lutz, Stefan
2004 Die Stellung der Europäischen Zentralbank nach dem VerfassungsvertragSeidel, Martin
2004 Over- and underbidding in central bank open market operations conducted as fixed rate tenderBindseil, Ulrich
2005 Banking sector (under?) development in Central and Eastern Europevon Hagen, Jürgen / Dinger, Valeriya
2005 Economic integration in a multicone world?Volpe Martincus, Christian / Pédussel Wu, Jennifer
2005 Remittances as investment in the absence of altruismGonzález-König, Gabriel
2005 Währungspolitik als SozialpolitikSeidel, Martin
2005 Das Kompetenz- und Entscheidungssystem des Vertrages von Rom im Wandel seiner Funktion und VerfassungSeidel, Martin
2005 Regulatory standards can lead to predationLutz, Stefan
2005 Public education in an integrated Europe: Studying to migrate and teaching to stay?Poutvaara, Panu
2005 Die Schutzklauseln der BeitrittsverträgeSeidel, Martin
2005 Voice of the diaspora: An analysis of migrant voting behaviorFidrmuc, Jan / Doyle, Orla
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